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Hable commit to empowering Dyslexic Thinking

As an organisation, prioritising accessibility and inclusion has always been crucial for us. Not just in our delivery to customers, but in our own workplace too.  

To continue our efforts in this area, we are immensely proud to announce the next step on our accessibility journey, as we commit to supporting Dyslexic Thinking through Made By Dyslexia. 


“With the rise of AI, power skills, such as creativity and complex problem solving, are essential and highly sought-after. These are the strengths of dyslexic thinkers, and we should celebrate them! Hable is proud to acknowledge and appreciate this, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help and advance this wonderful initiative.” 

- Sarah Mann, Head of Learning & Inclusion, Hable



Why are we supporting this?

It’s estimated that around 6 million people in the UK have dyslexia. With a staggering 87% of dyslexics thinking their workplace should improve its understanding of the condition, according to research by LinkedIn.  

We know that people with dyslexia process information differently and have different strengths; like innovative and lateral thinking. Meaning they can bring unique experience and insights to Hable. 

We feel that by joining the Made By Dyslexia initiative, we have a chance to really make an impact for our colleagues – both present and future – who have dyslexia. 

By proudly displaying the “this organisation empowers dyslexic thinking” badge on our website, we are committing Hable to the following: 

  • Training our People team on Dyslexic Thinking within the next 12 months  
  • Encouraging all Managers to take the training 
  • Giving each of you the opportunity to take the training if you wish 
  • Promoting Made By Dyslexia in our charity giving schemes 

It is up to all of us at Hable to make our workplace an encouraging environment for colleagues with dyslexia. And we are proud to say that 19% of our people have already taken the training - with more in progress!

We are hugely proud of this next step, and will continue working together to empower our dyslexic colleagues.