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More than 1 billion people around the world live with some sort of disability. It’s up to all of us to ensure they are included.

Find out more about Hable's commitment to accessibility. And the journey we have been on since day one.

Accessible by default

Accessibility is central to who we are as a company.

Since the very beginning, we have made a conscious decision to embed accessibility in everything we do. It has never been an optional added extra. And it never well be. 

It's now so much a part of what we do, that you can’t buy a solution from us that isn’t accessible.

Which means that when you choose Hable as your adoption and change management partner, you’re also choosing to commit to accessibility.

Young Woman Using Sign Language on Video Call - Digital Accessibility
Disability Confident

We are Disability Confident Leaders

Since learning about the incredible Disability Confident programme, we knew we wanted to strive for the highest level of accreditation.

To move through the different levels, we committed to continually improving on our accessibility practices and inclusive behaviours.

It was important to us throughout the process to make sure that we weren't just doing a checkbox exercise. That we were being honest about our current state. And actively looking to make changes to improve the experience for our employees with disabilities.

We were immensely proud to be confirmed as a Disability Confident Leader in December 2021.

We are members of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Making the invisible, visible

As part of our continued commitment to accessibility at Hable, we are proud to now be members of the fantastic Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative.

Staff at Hable have now taken the Sunflower training to improve our understanding of non-visible disabilities. This is invaluable both when communicating with other colleagues and delivering for our customers.

Sunflower hidden disabilities
Mental Health at Work Commitment Logo | Hable Sign Mental Health Commitment

The Mental Health At Work commitment

At Hable, prioritising the mental health of our staff is at the forefront of our ethos. From regular wellbeing initiatives to ensuring the correct policies are in place.

We have committed to achieve better mental health for all by signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment.

Mind launched the 'Mental Health At Work' policy in 2019 and we couldn't be prouder to be committed. Developed with the knowledge and expertise of mental health charities, the policies set out six clear standards to help equip employers and team leaders with the necessary tools and practices.

Hable are Disability Confident. And that made me disability confident.

Hable employee

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Talk to us about accessibility

It's up to all of us to make the world more accessible for those with disabilities. Talk to Hable about embedding accessibility within your organisation. Or making more of the accessibility tools available to you.