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The coolest things you can do with Microsoft Copilot right now

Microsoft's AI companion, Copilot, has created a lot of excitement since its release towards the end of 2023. With new features and updates continually added since then, Copilot now has uses throughout all areas of your everyday work life.

While generative AI is fantastic, Microsoft Copilot can do far more than write and create images for you. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest features and best things you can do with Microsoft Copilot right now.


Recap your Microsoft Teams meetings

Using Copilot in Microsoft Teams meetings can be really powerful for productivity. With the summarisation feature saving potentially hours of time. During a meeting, you can use Copilot to summarise key discussion points, suggest action items, and even identify where there has been areas of disagreement. You can even ask Copilot to assist with the meeting with prompts such as “What questions can I ask to progress this meeting?”

After meetings, Copilot can surface key discussion points and agreed-upon next steps. It can even identify unresolved issues and recap what was discussed.


Analyse images and get useful details about its content

Available for free online and in the app, you can upload an image to Copilot and ask questions about it. In turn, Copilot will give as much information about it as possible, providing useful details about the images content. For example, you might have a plant that you can’t identify. By uploading the image to Copilot, you can learn all about it.

Screenshot from Microsoft Copilot showing how the 'analyse an image' feature works.

Arguably one of the coolest features of Microsoft Copilot, and a great way to save time. Where previously you might have to make a series of unsuccessful online searches to get your answer, now you can it in a matter of seconds. It’s also got a pretty cool application for accessibility, with it being able to generate useful alt text for you too.


Use AI on the go with the Microsoft Copilot mobile app

The Copilot mobile app, which is free to download, helps answer questions and generate content with the power of AI. Great for if you need inspiration while working on-the-go, or help generating content while you are away from your desk.


Summarise your Microsoft Word documents

Whether you need a quick summary for yourself, or to send on to someone else, Copilot can summarise even the lengthiest Microsoft Word documents. With the “summarise this document” prompt, Copilot creates a handy summary that you can both review and edit.

Then, with the ‘Share’ button, you are able to quickly and seamlessly share your document with a Copilot-generated summary.


Identify trends within the data on your Excel sheets

Copilot for Microsoft 365 can show insights based on a specific question you ask it about your data. You can use prompts like “Show total sales for each product” and “show me the total sales across each region for the last year.” You can even ask Copilot to “identify the key trends” in your data. It will immediately share these without you having to spend time analysing everything yourself.


Summarise long email threads in Outlook

We’ve all been there. You get copied in a long email thread and have to wade through pages and pages of content before finding out what’s going on. This is a real key use case for Copilot – and another area where it can save some serious time in an every day work situation.

By asking
Copilot to summarise your email, it will scan the thread, identify key highlights, and create a concise summary for you. All within a matter of seconds.


Change your Windows device settings

Your AI companion Copilot can easily change your device settings, taking away the manual process and saving you time. You can ask Copilot to change many of your system settings, using prompts like “enable Dark Mode” or “turn on Airplane Mode.”

No more searching through your settings for the thing you need! Copilot can do this quickly and easily.


Use the Copilot key on your Copilot PC

Marking the first major change to a Windows keyboard in 30 years, Microsoft kicked off 2024 by announcing the Copilot key is coming to keyboards on new Windows 11 PCs. It’s a great way to quickly and easily access Copilot. The power of AI is now literally at your fingertips.



Are you making the most of your Microsoft Copilot licences?

We find that when Copilot is rolled out across organisations, it is often done in haste. People are (rightfully!) excited about this new technology and want to access it straight away. Without much thought about how it will actually be used day-to-day.

Often this can lead to tools not being used properly. And in some cases, not being used at all. If this sounds familiar, you might not be making the most out of your Copilot licences. That's where Hable can help.

Our team of Change Managers, inspiring Learning Consultants and innovative Creatives are on hand to help your organisation thrive with Copilot. Get in touch today.

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