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Don't just give staff new hardware. Give them an experience.

Improve employee experience

Ensure greater user adoption

Achieve better return on investment

When you equip people with the best technology, you are making a big investment. But you need your people to feel like you’ve invested in them, too.  

New devices should be exciting for your teams. Not something they dread.

With a new device rollout managed by Hable, we enure your new hardware has maximum impact. We make it so with expertly crafted comms and eye-catching graphics. All created in-house, by our team of Marketers and Creatives. 

We ensure widespread user adoption with an engaging learning programme to get your people ready their new devices, set up, and familiar with how to use them. Using the new devices as an opportunity to work in new ways.  

So, while you focus on getting the technical solution right, we focus on ensuring the hardware refresh allows your people to thrive. 

How we can help you choose the best device for everyone:

  • We take a deep dive into how your people are working today and what they need from a device in the future 
  • Our Change team analyse the results, creating personas and suggesting the best devices for your organisation  
  • We communicate all of this to your teams with an engaging internal comms campaign 
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How we can help make sure your new devices are used to their full potential:

  • Our inhouse Creative team get your people ready for their new device with internal comms messaging, printed materials for inside the box, plus the option for bespoke process videos and animations
  • We provide device orientation workshops to get people set up fast, and ready to go
  • Our Learning team can deliver programmes to ensure understanding of both the new device, and the software on it 

We've managed new device rollouts for organisations just like yours:

Barnsley Council

Barnsley knew they wanted to buy new devices for staff. But that they also wanted to really understand requirements before committing.

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Queen Mary University

We facilitated a smooth induction for QMUL staff. Including showing them around their new workplace - and introducing them to their brand new devices.

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New devices: Putting your people first

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In this free eBook, we combine our decade of change management expertise with real-life experience managing device rollouts for some of the biggest organisations in the UK.

Looking at why change management should be considered as part of a device deployment. And the importance of understanding the needs of your people before starting a device rollout programme.

Give them that 'New Device Feeling'

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Give them that 'new device feeling'
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