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Boost digital confidence with learning that truly inspires

Boost knowledge and confidence

Drive user adoption of Microsoft 365

Improve ways of working for staff

Digital skills have never been more important. Equip your people with the knowledge they need to thrive in the workplace.  

People won't use technology effectively if they don’t feel confident. By providing learning experiences, you empower your employees to work in new ways. 

Boosting digital skills enhances collaboration, productivity, and creativity across the teams. Helping your organisation stay innovative, successful, and ready for a digital-first future. 

Reflecting the different priorities, levels of digital maturity, and preferred learning styles across your organisation, Hable’s learning programmes are designed to inspire. Delivered by expert consultants, we give your staff the tools to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.  

Learning is not one size fits all:  

We know that everyone learns in different ways. Across a large organisation, there could be a huge variety of preferred learning styles. Hable's learning programmes offer a mix of experiences to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn in the best way that works for them. From self-guided learning to interactive workshops. Webinars to Workplace Coaching.  

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How does a digital skills programme from Hable work? 

Similar to how everyone learns in different ways, every organisation has slightly different requirements when it comes to their digital skills programmes. We'll tailor your programme to your needs depending on your goal, however, you can expect:

  • An assessment of your current state 
  • Learning plans tailored to your key groups and teams 
  • The delivery of interactive workshops and webinars on your choice of topic; choose from our catalogue or create something bespoke
  • Support for staff when they need it, right in the flow of work
  • Creation and delivery of engaging learning resources to aid self-serve learning
  • An internal comms campaign from our Creative Services team to drive awareness, engagement, and programme sign ups

Our digital skills programmes have inspired people at some of the biggest organisations across the country:

The Government of Jersey

We helped to improve collaboration and communication across the government, by upskilling staff on key areas of Microsoft 365.

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University of the Arts, London

Hable have been partnering with UAL since the beginning of our journey. Helping staff to make the most of the technology they have at their fingertips.

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Kings College School, Wimbledon

Working with Kings College School in Wimbledon, we helped to improve student digital skills through eLearning. While saving crucial time for teachers.

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Start inspiring your teams today

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