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Announcement: Sean O’Shea, Managing Director, to leave Hable after 3 and a half years

Today we regrettably announce that our Managing Director, Sean O’Shea, has made the decision to leave Hable after 3 and a half years with the company.  

Since he joined Hable in January 2019, Sean has acted as Founder Mark’s dedicated right hand man, and has been instrumental in our success. He has helped us build a solid foundation by growing our leadership team, developing strategic roles for the business across sales and marketing and focusing on the Education, Health and Government sectors. Sean has ensured commercial success through his direct relationships with customers and Microsoft, and has been a real driving force behind the fantastic culture we embrace each day.

“Sean and I were friends before Hable, and will be friends long after his #TeamHable journey has come to an end. Losing people as we grow is an inevitable part of the journey, so whilst I’m sad to see Sean go – I’m also grateful for everything he’s done to grow Hable and improve our company culture over the last 3 years. Leaving Microsoft to become our MD in 2019 was very brave and he’ll always be a Hable legend. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened…”

Mark Reynolds, Founder, Hable

Sean is personally driven by change, and he has a real thirst for learning. It was this desire to do something new and push himself out of his comfort zone that brought him to Hable, and that same desire is the reason he has chosen to leave Hable. 

“I’ve loved my time at Hable and I’m really thankful to Mark for taking a chance on me three and a half years ago. And I’m ever so thankful to everyone at Hable for making this experience as incredible as it’s been.”

Sean O’Shea

As a company, we feel this is just another phase in the Hable journey. We are at a very exciting time with a seriously talented team and very ambitious growth plans. 

We thank Sean for his hard work, determination and success at Hable and we wish him every success in his future. 

While this is big news, it doesn’t change anything about our mission as a company. We will be continuing to help our customers day in, day out, and changing the way people feel about technology.