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The government regulator for electricity and gas, OFGEM, have been working towards achieving a Modern Digital Workplace. With the desire to become more adaptive and innovative.  

OFGEM had six key areas of focus during the project, including collaboration, communication, and effective meetings.   

We provided topical learning sessions to support these priorities and their exploration into a hybrid working model. We showed them how to host productive meetings and how to create a modern workplace where everyone can thrive.  

We used our understanding of different learning styles to deliver a combination of both live events and webinars via Microsoft Teams to over 650 attendees across OFGEM. Then, we provided a set of engaging reference guides as a follow up to help facilitate ongoing self-learning.  

Reference guides are a great way of providing learners with the tools they need to be self-sufficient after their initial training. We use a combination of images alongside clear and concise wording to make sure it caters for all learning types, giving the latest tips and tricks on how to navigate around the various applications in Microsoft 365.

Georgie Bartley, Content & Marketing Consultant, Hable

Organisations are now making crucial decisions about how they engage with their people in a hybrid working world. We are delighted to have supported OFGEM on their journey and engage with so many of their people.  

We look forward to hearing about this next phase for OFGEM and will continue to provide support! 

Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

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