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We have helped a leading financial services firm remove internal digital friction by supporting and empowering staff. Guiding them towards more efficient ways of working, using the technology tools they already have.  


What Hable Did:  


We provided a Change Desk to offer both change management support for the organisation, alongside proactive and reactive guidance for staff. We wanted to focus on giving each individual the absolute best support possible on all things Microsoft 365. The Change Desk was on hand to be encouraging and reassuring, explaining things without jargon. In terms that people could really understand. The Change Desk Manager was physically present onsite in their London HQ for three days per week, offering support remotely on the other two.  

The Change Desk got busier and busier as the momentum built, and more staff knew about the service available to them. We worked on such a huge variety of support tasks for people across the organisation, from “how do I do this?” questions to “help! This isn’t working!” queries.  

Alongside the Change Desk, the financial services firm had Workplace Coaching five days per week. Offering 1:1 support sessions and daily Microsoft 365 hints and tips to improve staff confidence when using digital tools. We also provided a number of informative guides, and other resources, to aid self-serve learning.  

Benefits for the customer:  

We are delighted to have seen such a huge improvement in digital confidence during our time at the organisation. Including a major reduction in the pressure on the IT team, freeing up their time to focus on more important thing. The data suggests our support is helping in the adoption of technology too, with one of the password management tools we're supporting on seeing a 20% increase in number of users since we came on board. 

We’ve forecasted some pretty impressive time-saved figures too: 

Research suggests that employees spend on average 1.8 hours per day searching for relevant content and information. Through the Change Desk service alone, we believe we’ve delivered savings of a massive 3 hours per month, per employee.  

We forecast an ROI of 168% for the organisation.  

Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

At Hable, we change the way people feel about technology. Through our range of adoption and change management services and package, we can improve the way your organisation works by unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.

For questions on how we can work with you to do this, get in touch; we’ll be happy to help.

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