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Build a central hub for information and communication, with a slick modern intranet

Provide a better employee experience

Build your intranet on the latest technology

Roll it out with a people-first approach

Create a new, modern intranet environment that is future-proof and fit for purpose. 

Everyone has an intranet. But are you really driving maximum value from your current solution?  

Often, intranets can become ineffective and bogged down in content, as they are not managed properly. Or run on old software that is not maintained.  

In a modern workplace, your intranet should be at the core of communications, knowledge sharing and culture building. And, it should be easily accessible by all staff, whether they work at a desk, or on the front line.  

With a modern intranet from Hable, you get a future-proof solution built on the latest Viva Connections and SharePoint Online technology. We also bring your people along on that journey, supporting your internal comms teams and inspiring them on the possibilities of modern communication. 

What does a modern intranet look like?

With a modern intranet from Hable, the possibilities are endless. Bringing your organisation together, providing the most relevant information in the best place.

We have put together this short demo to explore the art of the possible.

A modern intranet solution from Hable may include:

  • The design and build of a modern intranet platform using Viva Connections and SharePoint Online
  • Seamless migration of data, pages, and content from your old system to the new platform
  • An engaging comms campaign to raise internal awareness and launch your new intranet
  • An informative learning programme to upskill key user groups, such as internal comms, site owners and content contributors 
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