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Migrate from Google to Microsoft 365 while keeping your people at the heart of the project

Support your people through the change

Migrate with a people-first approach

Maximise your return on investment

Migrating from Google to Microsoft 365 can be a big change for your organisation. Don’t leave your people behind.   

Making the decision to migrate from Google to Microsoft 365 is a big one. It involves a lot of work and can be an overwhelming and often complex process.  

To maximise your return on investment, it’s important that your people are involved. Right from the start of the migration process.   

With a Google to Microsoft 365 migration managed by Hable, we ensure security is prioritised and data is protected. All while keeping your people at the heart. 

How does a Google to Microsoft 365 migration from Hable work?

While each migration project differs depending on your requirements, there are a few things we will always ensure while moving you from Google to Microsoft. 

  • We start by getting to know you and your ways of working
  • While our technical team get to know your data, including what needs to be moved and what you no longer need
  • Our Creative Services team will deliver an engaging internal comms campaign to help you raise awareness of the migration and ensure everyone feels supported
  • We'll migrate everything you need seamlessly and smoothly
  • Our learning team will deliver a learning programme that focuses on building confidence and skills to ensure everyone uses your new system effectively
  • We'll stay on-hand to ensure you have ongoing support if you need it 
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