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Your business in the cloud, your people on cloud 9.

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly

Keep costs down

Ensure compliance and security

Make sure your cloud migration is a success, by keeping your people at the heart.

Migrating from on-premise to the cloud unlocks a number of benefits for your organisation. From keeping costs down, enhancing security, and allowing for greater agility.  

However, the process can be complicated if you don’t know where to start.  

We help to ensure your cloud migration is a success through expert planning, governance work and data management. Allowing for a move to the cloud that is seamless, secure and reliable.

Whilst also making sure that after you’ve moved, your people are onboard with the change.

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How does a cloud migration project from Hable work?

  • Our technical team start by creating plans to get you prepared for the cloud, including a Migration Plan, Technical Implementation Plan, and Adoption Plan
  • We identify the best set up for your organisation, achieving the right balance between technical compliance, and allowing people to work in a way that suits them
  • We establish guidelines for usage to ensure you can maintain security and compliance
  • Our data experts make sure that all data is moved correctly, completely, and securely; without any loss or corruption
  • Our in-house Creative Services Team create an engaging internal comms campaign to explain the changes and help you sell the benefits
  • We provide all of the learning you need to get people confident and ready to use your new cloud environment
Make your move to the cloud today
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