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Save time for what really matters, with apps and automation in Microsoft 365

Unlock powerful automations

Make data-driven decisions

Turn your best ideas into apps

Tackle your manual processes, take the work out of repetitive tasks, and address key business challenges. All by utilising the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Manual processes and laborious repetitive tasks are a reality for every organisation, existing in almost every person's role.  

By utilising the power of apps and automation, you free up time. Allowing your people to focus not only on what they enjoy doing, but on the things that are more worthwhile to your business.  

Creating custom apps to address your workplace challenges. Automating repetitive tasks. And creating clear data visualisation dashboards to help you make data driven decisions.  

All of our apps and automations solutions are built and delivered through the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Most people know us for learning. But we've got a pretty impressive tech team too. With knowledge across all areas of the Power Platform:

  • Power BI - building you visual dashboards to help you make data driven decisions
  • Power Automate - identifying areas of your business that can be automated, and then making it happen
  • Power Apps - working with you to turn your best ideas into apps that address your key business challenges
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How Hable can help you utilise apps and automation in Microsoft 365: 

  • While our tech team builds apps, automations, and data dashboards, our Change and Learning teams make sure these new ways of working are embedding into the organisation
  • Our Creative Services team crafts an engaging internal comms campaign to raise awareness of the new tools and any learning
  • Our Learning teams deliver workshops and webinars on using the dashboards, apps, or new automations, ensuring effective use and confidence
  • We provide all solution documentation 
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