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Don't deliver a box. Deliver an experience.

You make a huge investment when you deploy new devices, but are your people getting the most out of them? How do you ensure that you are providing people with the tech and skills they really need to thrive, all while making them feel invested in?

By modernising your device rollout approach, you:

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Increase employee satisfaction
Boost widespread user adoption
Improve your ROI

Deploy devices. Make sure they stick. Download our latest eBook today.

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In our latest eBook, we combine years of change management expertise with real-life experience managing device rollouts for some of the biggest organisations in the UK. 

We will look at:  

  • Why change management should be considered as part of a device deployment
  • The importance of understanding the needs of your people before starting a device rollout programme
  • Our recommendations for rolling out new devices, making sure widespread adoption is achieved 

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Are you ready to roll? Give them that 'new device' feeling today.

Your people should look forward to getting a new device, not dread it. Hable’s New Device Rollout solution takes the mundane and makes it exciting.

We will work with you to:  

  • Discover the needs and requirements of your teams
  • Conduct a Digital Skills Audit and assess ways of working maturity
  • Produce a detailed persona and skills report
  • Map the right device to the right persona, enabling your people to thrive at work

That’s before we’ve even started developing the rollout experience.

We will collaborate with your internal stakeholders to: 

  • Create an engaging internal communications schedule to inspire and capture imagination 
  • Design a brand that excites and energises 
  • Craft a meaningful learning experience to ensure everyone can make the most of their new device 
  • Ensure your new devices are used as a driver to improve ways of working 
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Sound good?

Get in touch with Nathan Rhodes and put your people at the heart of your new device rollout.

Having led on projects with some of the UK’s biggest organisations such as UK Parliament, Westminster City Council, and Marie Curie, Nathan knows how to make device deployment a memorable experience for all. Reach out today to get started!