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What’s New From Microsoft? October 2021 Update

 Microsoft Whiteboard gets an upgrade

Microsoft Whiteboard, the interactive whiteboard app, has recently got an upgrade. With a freshly enhanced look and feel, features are now much easier to use and find.  
There’s also 40 new, fully customisable templates to bring your work to life along with the ability to share reactions to ideas.

Find out more about the Microsoft Whiteboard updates here:

 Integrations between Topics & Yammer

The new employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, is continually being improved by enhancements and updates. The next in these updates is now here: Yammer is integrating with and adopting Viva Topics.  
The idea behind this is to make “community-sourced knowledge easily accessible across an organisation,” creating a consistent experience in Microsoft 365. Topics will mean and refer to the same thing whether the user is seeing this content in Yammer, Viva Topics, or elsewhere in 365.

Topics will be managed centrally, including the ability to add permissions to determine who gets to create or edit topics. 


Brand new in Microsoft Teams

Here are some of the useful updates that are coming to Microsoft Teams:

 Present from PowerPoint to Teams at the click of a button  

Inspired by the ease of starting a presentation in a meeting by clicking ‘Slide Show’ in PowerPoint, a similar feature is being released for the hybrid working world – the Present to Teams button!

A feature that conveniently allows users to to present in Microsoft Teams at the click of a button.



 Speaker Coach coming to Teams 

This is great news for fans of the Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint… Speaker coach is coming to Microsoft Teams! It will act as a personalised coach helping to improve speaking confidence in Teams meetings, by privately assisting you through: 

  • Helping you take breaths, or slow down if speaking too quickly 
  • Identifying when someone else is talking and you start to speak over them, ensuring everyone is listened to 
  • Understanding data about the meeting to help improve your next one  

The feature, which will be coming to Microsoft Teams early 2022, is designed for anyone in the meeting – not just the presenter. We can’t wait to see how this will help to enhance meetings and improve them for all of us. 


 Updated navigation in Teams admin centre 

In response to feedback via user studies, Microsoft have reorganised the navigation bar in the Teams Admin Centre to make it easier to find the things you are looking for. This new layout will allow for better navigation through the tools you use most, in a more intuitive way. 

Microsoft have updated several sections and added a “Users” section, too.


Unlocking the full potential of Microsoft 365 

Along with these exciting updates, the experts at Hable are full of knowledge, tips and tricks on making the most out of Microsoft 365 and reaching your full potential with the platform.  

Get in touch with a member of the team today to start exploring the art of the possible.  

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