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#TeamHable’s End of Year Review: Top 5 Highlights

#TeamHable’s End of Year Review: Top 5 Highlights

2020, a year that none of us could have anticipated. A year of change and transition, of uncertainty and challenges in many different forms. The end of any year naturally inspires a time of reflection, and this year has particularly given us a lot to mull over. There have been a number of challenges that’s for sure, however there has still been plenty of things to celebrate and be grateful for amidst all the chaos. Here are five things we are particularly proud of this year…



1. We became a Microsoft Gold Partner 

Becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner is a significant milestone on our journey with Microsoft. This recognition gives us access to a range of benefits; such as training opportunities, toolkits and more partnership opportunities with Microsoft.

Read more about this exciting milestone.

2. Hable’s Brand New Look 

2020 has certainly been a year of change in many respects. Reflecting this, we’ve had a re-vamp of our brand! We’re really delighted with it as, for a start, it means our brand is more inclusive. We also took this opportunity to stop and reflect on how our services have changed and evolved, and ensure that we remain aligned with our mission and values as we plan for the future.

Read more about our new look here.



3. Our Partnership with Nulia Works 


This was an important milestone for us, as it’s the first time we have started selling something other than a service. By partnering with Nulia Works, Hable is bringing AI & Machine learning into to the world of Adoption and Change Management. We are weaving cutting edge technology into our ADKAR model, enabling our customers to drive successful change throughout their organisation and unlock the full potential of Microsoft technology.

Learn more about this partnership here.


4. We Hired our First Apprentice!

We recognise that we are very fortunate to work in an industry that has grown over the past year. At the same time, many in the 18-24 age group have been negatively impacted by the events of this year. So in 2020, we have begun investing back into this age group, with the launch of our own apprenticeship programme.

Meet Elliott Garwood, our very first apprentice! Elliott joined our Education department as a Sales Executive earlier this year. Learn more in this blog post.



5. Our #TogetherAlone Video


Life changed dramatically for each and every one of us this year. As the world adjusted to working from home, we collated a series of videos to share a glimpse of our lives, a fun reminder to everybody that we’re all in the same boat and thanks to technology, even though we are physically distanced, we can still connect and share moments of our lives together. One of our favourite things to come out of lockdown.



Sending all of our best wishes to friends of #TeamHable as we head into what is hopefully a brighter 2021 for all.

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