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Remotely Achieve your Educational Goals with Microsoft Teams

 As schools across the UK close in alignment with global action being take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our Schools Sector Lead Chris Thackray shares some tips on how teachers can utilise Microsoft Teams to achieve their educational goals.



Achieving Educational Goals with Remote Learning

Sharing resources

Static resources: Share Files using the ‘Class Materials’ folder in the ‘Files Tab’ in Teams.

Collaborative resources: Create a folder in the ‘Files Tab’ in your Team to share files instantly

Individual work: Create a new assignment using a template document or OneNote page


Modelling practice

Screen recording: Use PowerPoint to create simple screen share videos 

Audio recording: Use Audacity or mobile phone sound recorder



Use OneNote to provide audio feedback on student work
Use Windows Ink in Word, PowerPoint or OneNote to provide contextual feedback on student work


Direct Teaching

Schedule a Teams meeting with students, then share your screen

Remember students could be using a smaller screen so make sure PowerPoint or other content is clear Keep the meeting chat open to watch out for questions – this can be done on your mobile phone if you are doing a screen share.


Working in Partnership with Parents of Primary School Students 


Getting Started​

Organise a short session for parents to show them how to get their child to join a Teams event

It needs to be communicated that children will need monitoring by parents during Teams activities

Parents will  need to be shown how to mute their microphones


Each Day​

Share a daily online activity and a worksheet

Schedule a daily class story time via Microsoft Teams

This could also be a simple music activity, or show and tell (for the brave!) 


Each Week​

Share a simple craft activity using household items only

Use Teams meetings to check in with parents once per week

Parent and child wellbeing will be tested during any remote learning situation. Regular personal communication can help to alleviate this


Beyond the Curriculum 


Tutor Contact

Student wellbeing will be tested during school closure and any lockdown situation.

Maintain regular tutor times using Microsoft Teams meetings to keep lines of communication open​.

Teams conversations can also be used to publish notices.



Up to 250 attendees can take part in Teams meetings, so year group assemblies can still take place​.

If your schools has Teams live events, you can still have whole school assemblies.

These assemblies can be key opportunities to provide normality for students and to communicate wider news and guidance.


Wellbeing and Exercise

Ensure students are aware that normal structures like pastoral teams are available via email and Teams meetings if they are needed​.

Share links to online exercise programmes to keep students moving.


Non-Teaching Staff

Organise team meetings and coffee chat via Microsoft Teams to make sure everyone is managing with the disconnect from their working environment.


If you would like more practical, hands-on guidance, please do get in touch and we can help you either remotely or through on-site training to get you and your staff up and running as quickly as possible. 


Follow us and Chris on Twitter for updates and guidance on Microsoft Teams and remote working.


Microsoft Teams is completely free and provides the perfect tool for teachers to easily deliver lessons on a one-to-many basis.