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Five women from Hable nominated for CRN Women in Channel Awards 2021

Now in their 4th year, the CRN Women in Channel Awards are held to both recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of women who work in the UK tech industry, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of young women and girls into pursuing tech careers.

The importance of supporting women in tech

Inclusivity is hugely important for us at Hable, and we have fostered a fantastic culture that allows people to succeed no matter their age, race or gender.

We are very proud to have a leadership team that is made up of 60% women, with women also making up over 50% of ALL staff at Hable. More widely across the tech industry, this number is around 19%.

“I’d be lying if I said that when I started Hable I was recruiting in a diverse way,” says our Founder and CEO Mark Reynolds. “But as we go, we do have to be more intentional about that, ensuring that our culture remains diverse in the future.”

Meeting our CRN Women in Channel Awards 2021 nominees

Recognising the unique strengths, talents and achievements of women is a fantastic way to bridge the gender gap within the tech industry.

We wish all five of the women from Hable nominated the absolute best of luck throughout the awards process!

Georgie Bartley, Marketing & Content Consultant

Georgie is our Content & Marketing Consultant, working closely with the Content and Creative teams to help build our learning resources and support the creation of content for the sales team, such as proposals and reports.
“What a feeling to be nominated for Unsung Hero for the CRN Women in Channel Awards! From the beginning of my career as an apprentice in technology, I always felt so inspired by the fantastic women I worked with and was mentored by,” says Georgie. “This award feels really special to me, I feel so honoured and proud to be working at Hable making a difference.” 

Sital Champaneria, Principal Consultant

Sital joined Hable 2.5yrs ago with no previous knowledge of the IT industry.  She is now a Principal Consultant working with multi-sector customers on their implementation and adoption programmes.  Sital is also responsible for the day to day running of the Hable content service ensuring our high quality of courses and learning material is maintained.

“I feel truly grateful and proud to have been nominated for both Unsung Hero and Woman of the Year, neither of which I was expecting,” says Sital. “I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from some amazing women at Hable and in the companies we have worked with. Until joining Hable I never understood the strength of women within the industry and its my mission to support other women to feel valued and make a difference; just as I have been supported to do so at Hable.”

Rosie Hall, Marketing Executive

Rosie has been working at Hable since the start of 2021 as part of the Creative team, and is responsible for Hable’s social media presence, website content, and copywriting amongst other things! She joined us with 8 years of digital marketing experience behind her across a number of different industries and roles. 

“I’m really passionate about equal opportunities for women, especially those from minority backgrounds.” says Rosie. “So it’s great to be nominated for an award that celebrates that.”

“During my previous role, I held a virtual viewing party for the CRN Women in Channel Awards. This year, I’m nominated. It feels really special and I’m excited to see how the rest of the process goes!”


Nicki Harman, Head of Content & Change


Nicki is Head of Content and Change at Hable and a member of our Leadership Team.

A passionate educator and enthusiastic advocate of technology with over 30 years’ experience in public and private sector, Nicki thrives on helping organisations develop effective and sustainable practices in the use of technology by working with them to build smart adoption programmes.

“Being nominated as part of the Women in Channel Awards reminds me just how fortunate I am… and in three different categories, just by doing a job I love,” says Nicki. “If anything I have done, or am still to do, contributes to inspiring others then I am truly thankful to have had the opportunities that allowed that to happen.”

Sarah Mann, Head of Learning and Inclusion

Sarah is part of Hable’s Leadership Team with specific responsibility for ensuring all our delivery of learning is engaging, effective and inclusive.


“When I made my tentative first steps into the IT industry over 25 years ago, I found myself in very uncharted territory and was often the only female in sight,” says Sarah. “On the basis that you can only ‘be what you can see’, I take my responsibility very seriously, but joyfully, to support and inspire others.

“I am excited to be included in these awards that highlight the wealth of female experience, wisdom and talent that’s out there.”


Sending a huge congratulations to Georgie, Sital, Rosie, Nicki and Sarah. Best of luck to each of them throughout the rest of the process. 

The CRN Women in Channel Awards 2021 shortlist will be announced in July, with the winners being revealed at the grand final in October.