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What is the 'September Surge' and how might it affect your business?

Kids back to school. Traffic back on roads. The first signs of Autumnal breeze in the air. All signs that September is in full swing. But there’s one other thing about this time of year that you might not be aware of – and it could have a big impact on your business.  

The ‘September Surge’ has been a popular phrase across the pond for some time. Used to describe the influx of both job searching, and new job vacancies posted, in the period between Labor Day (the first Monday in September) and Halloween.  

Although typically a US phenomenon, there is evidence that shows us Brits follow a very similar pattern. Amber Peacock, Global Talent Acquisition Manager at London-based Gemba Advantage, says: “The September surge is primarily a product of peak annual leave season through July and August, this results in businesses slowing hiring processes and candidates vowing to resume their job searches after their summer breaks. Naturally, with much of the labour market returning to work in early September this inflates the level of hiring activity you see throughout the month.”  

It could also be a result of - dare we say it – Christmas coming up. Amber continues: “September and October tend to be optimal months to engage candidates before they head into Christmas/holiday mode, where many more employees take leave or businesses have periods of shut down, and the summer cycle repeats.”


This surge is also gaining momentum on TikTok, with videos tagged #SeptemberSurge seeing everyone from recruiters to HR professionals and job seekers themselves sharing their top tips and tricks on making the most of this seasonal increase in opportunity.  

So if there really is a ‘September Surge,’ how can you take steps to reduce its impact on your business? Let’s take a look.


How can you minimise the impact of a 'September Surge' on your business?


1. Use the momentum of this trend to get your job adverts out

Make the most of the momentum and use this time to get your job adverts out. Looking at the trends, if we know there is an increase in people looking for a new role during this period, it could the ideal time to post that vacancy you haven’t published yet.  
Remember: Don’t forget to ensure your job adverts consider accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Attracting talent from all backgrounds.


2. Provide more opportunities internally

While much of the September Surge talk centres around moving companies and applying for new roles, your people are likely open to using this season of ‘new beginnings’ to explore opportunities internally too. And it doesn’t necessarily have to mean promotions.  
Looking beyond internal vacancies, could you provide learning experiences or CPD programmes for your employees to get involved in? Amber at Gemba agrees, sharing that “employers should consider ways in which they can explore opportunities for developing existing employees to address business needs.”


3. Continue to prioritise the employee experience 

We know the employee experience is more important than ever. For attracting talent, but crucially too, for retaining it. Employee experience is not just how people feel at work, but is about every interaction and feeling an employee has towards their organisation. Even when they’re not in the office. 
Though retention shouldn’t be the only goal in mind when focusing on employee experience, continuing to take steps to prioritise and focus on it benefits both your people and the organisation as a whole. Proving critical in keeping teams motivated, productive and engaged.


4. Be aware of trends - but don't panic too much! 

Finally, remain aware of the fluctuation that this time may bring for people. But try not to worry too much. You are highly unlikely to face a mass exodus of employees and be left without any people.  
But it’s certainly important to be aware of the trends that could impact your business. Not just at this time of year, but throughout. 

When your people thrive, so does your business.  

With dispersed teams demanding more from their workplaces than ever before, it’s crucial for organisations to prioritise the employee experience if they want to succeed. From providing the right tools and technology, to bringing people together no matter where they’re working from. Find out how Hable can help.
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