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Microsoft 365 to alleviate NHS winter pressures

How to use Microsoft 365 technologies to alleviate winter pressures on the NHS

The NHS comes under immense pressure year-round, with an estimated 1.5 million interactions with patients every single day. This pressure intensifies in the winter months, due to prevalence of illness and the effects of the colder, darker weather.

  1. Virtual consultations through Microsoft Teams
    The demand for NHS services is so high that it’s impossible for healthcare professionals to see everyone they need to. And the general public often don’t want to waste time sitting in the hospital. This is where virtual consultations and instant messaging becomes an ideal solution.

    Using Microsoft Teams, clinicians can see more people, without having to leave their office. There’s also benefits to the patient experience too, with patients not needing to sit in waiting rooms. Through using Teams, there is greater accessibility to resources and experts from other geographical locations. For patients with mobility issues a consultation can take place from the comfort of their own home.
  1. Automate processes to save valuable time with Power Automate
    Power Platform gives healthcare organisations the tools they need to create solutions to the challenges they’re facing. Power Automate gives teams and individuals back their time by providing everyone with a tool to automate processes.

    There are limitless possibilities to how this can be used in a healthcare setting. Whether that’s patient registration and logging, the reports generation, or uploading important data.

    By automating these processes, NHS staff can save valuable time this winter. Through automate, locums can submit test data or other crucial patient information and know that it has automatically been fed to the right expert for progression. From follow-up consultations to medicinal prescription, it is all taken care of.
  1. Enable frontline workers to communicate with ease on-the-go using Walkie Talkie
    In busy healthcare environments it’s critical that staff are able to communicate Using push-to-talk technology enables this securely and seamlessly.

    Walkie Talkie within Microsoft Teams allows busy frontline staff to stay connected and communicate without needing to carry bulky products, like radios. Its instant nature also means it can be used in urgent situations, for example if a certain member of staff is needed somewhere.

  2. Simplify task management with Microsoft Planner
    We all know how difficult it can be to keep on top of tasks during stressful periods. And that collaboration is key to getting things done.

    This is where Microsoft Planner comes in.

    With teams both on the frontline and in supporting office environments stretched, it’s important everyone is clear about tasks to be completed and which are the priorities. Microsoft Planner simplifies all of this, providing a simple task management platform that can be accessed right in the flow of work. Cross departmental planning becomes much easier when you can quickly see where other team members are within progress diagnosis.

  3. Prioritise employee wellbeing
    Recent research shows that there has been a ‘staggering rise’ in the mental health issues experienced by NHS staff in the last 2 years. Of course, this is partly due to the unprecedented demand placed on the NHS during the pandemic.

    With poor mental health impacting productivity, absence from work and overall performance, it’s crucial that organisations are protecting their employees’ wellbeing.

    The Microsoft 365 suite has several tools that can help to achieve this, including through Microsoft Viva. The employee engagement platform has a whole module – Viva Insights – which is dedicated to protecting employee wellbeing. Not only does it offer data on the wellbeing of teams and individuals, it also gives people the tools they need to manage their own wellbeing.


While we know these technologies alone will not remove the significant challenges that the NHS will face in the coming weeks and months, we believe they can play a role in alleviating some of the pressures.

At Hable, we’re proud of our National Health Service, always going above and beyond to help others. Now its their turn to receive the help. You already have the technology at your fingertips, so why not reach out to start getting the most from it?

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