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Here you can find the latest brand new features and updates coming to Microsoft 365.

Last updated: March 2024

Microsoft are continually updating and improving Microsoft 365, ensuring it responds to the needs of an ever-changing workplace. With so much information out there, it can often be tricky to keep up with all of the new updates and features. To simplify this, we've put all of the biggest and best updates and news in one place!

All information here has been collated from Microsoft.com blogs or the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

New in Microsoft 365 for April 2024

The latest Microsoft news, updates, and features announced in April 2024. 

Microsoft Copilot: Prepare for Meetings in Outlook

When you have an upcoming meeting, Copilot will show a "Prepare" button in your inbox. This will help to quickly provide context for the meeting including showing a summary and any relevant files.

Read more on Microsoft.com

Microsoft Copilot: Create a new document based on existing files

The draft "Draft with Copilot" feature will allow you to create a new document, based on up to three files that already exist. More information available on the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Visit Microsoft.com

Microsoft Forms: Pre-filled fields for responders

Rolling out in April 2024, users of Microsoft Forms will soon be able to  send respondents a form with some fields already filled in. It has been designed to simplify respondent experience and improve data accuracy.

Microsoft Teams: Chat for organisers and presenters in Teams webinars

A new feature is coming to help improve the effectiveness of webinars. Allowing organisers and presenters to chat privately in a separate chat from attendees. It will be available to access before, during, and after the webinar.

Rolling out from June 2024.

New in Microsoft 365 for March 2024

Here you can find the latest Microsoft news, updates, and features for March 2024. 

Microsoft Clipchamp: Remove backgrounds of images

Users of Microsoft Clipchamp will soon be able to remove a background from an image using AI.

Preview available in April with roll out set for July 2024.

Microsoft Clipchamp: Support for work accounts on the desktop app

The updated Clipchamp desktop app will soon allow support for work accounts. Users of Clipchamp for work will be able to access the video editor in the app without using a browser.

Microsoft 365 administrators will have the ability to control if their users are able to access both Clipchamp for work and Clipchamp for personal accounts via the app or only Clipchamp for work.

Rolling out starting May 2024.

Microsoft Copilot: Integrations with Viva Learning

Copilot is coming to Viva Learning. Previewing and rolling out later in the year, it will ac  as a virtual learning companion. Assisting users through their learning journey and providing personalised guidance and recommendations.

Microsoft OneDrive: View hidden files and folders

Quickly access files and folders you have previously hidden.

Navigate to the “Shared with you” view in OneDrive for Web and click on the 'Hidden' button in the filter bar. You can also 'Unhide' files and bring them back to the 'Shared with you' view.

Rolling out in March 2024.

Microsoft Outlook: Start a Teams chat directly from an email message

Coming soon to the new Outlook for Windows, users will be able to start a Teams chat directly from an email message. Either with the sender or all of the recipients in the email. The Teams chat will open in Outlook, so users can chat and continue their workflow directly within their Outlook window.

Microsoft Outlook: Updated work hours and location experience

Coming to the new Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Web, users will soon have a new and improved experience for viewing work location and hours.

Click on your work location icon at the top of your calendar to change your work location, view who else will be in the office, or receive suggestions to help optimise your work day. 

 You will also be able to update your location from Teams, which will stay in sync with Outlook, and be reflected across Microsoft 365.

Read more on Microsoft.com

Microsoft SharePoint: Section level content align

Good news for SharePoint admins as Microsoft announce Section Level Content align. Allowing authors to centre and bottom align all of the webparts in a single section. Ideal for creating more visually appealing content. 

Microsoft Viva: Create more than one Connections experience per tenant

You will soon be able to create multiple Connections experiences within Microsoft Viva, with corresponding home sites within the same tenant.

This might be particularly useful for large conglomerates or organisations with subsidiaries that require different Connections experiences for different users. Each experience comes with its own dashboard, feed and resources.

New in Microsoft 365 for February 2024

Here you can find the latest Microsoft news, updates, and features for February 2024. 

Microsoft Bookings: New homepage experience

Microsoft announce a new homepage experience is coming to Microsoft Bookings. Helping to make it easier to book meetings with your customers, clients, and colleagues.

Read more here | Microsoft.com

Microsoft Clipchamp: Audio improvements

New and improved audio features in Clipchamp to help elevate the possibilities of video creation in the platform. 

Microsoft Copilot: Integration with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft announce integrations between Microsoft Copilot and Forms.

Describe the form you need with a prompt, and Copilot will generate a form from scratch, based on your description. I can do this in a matter of moments, making it a huge time-saving feature.

Microsoft Outlook: Request in-person attendance

During event creation in Outlook, a new option will appear to allow the organiser to mark an event as 'in-person', requesting invitees to attend the event in person. Available from next month in the new Outlook for Windows and the web, rolling out in March 2024.

Microsoft Publisher: Retiring Publisher in October 2026

Microsoft announce that Publisher will reach its end of life in October 2026. It will no longer be included in Microsoft 365 after that time, and it longer be supported. 

Microsoft Teams: New 'Together Mode' layout

A new layout is now available for 'Together Mode' in Teams. In the new Together mode layout, meeting participants are displayed below the shared content, keeping the focus on shared content.

Microsoft Viva: Topics to be retired

Microsoft announce that Viva Topics will be retired on February 22, 2025. Microsoft will not be investing in any new feature development for Viva Topics going forward from February 2024.

Microsoft Viva: New landing experience for Viva Connections desktop

Microsoft Announce a new landing experience for users of Viva Connections. Helping people manage their daily flow of work by displaying the most important tasks, tools, news, and resources in one central place. 

Microsoft Word: Checklists feature now available on Word for Web

Checklists are now available to insert into documents on Word for Web. Helping to keep you organised or help you create step-by-step content.

New in Microsoft 365 for January 2024

Here you can find the latest Microsoft news, updates, and features for January 2024. 

Microsoft Copilot: Addition of a Copilot key coming to new devices

Microsoft have announced the addition of a Copilot key to brand new Windows 11 PCs. Marking the first major change to the layout of Windows PC keyboard since the Windows key was added almost 30 years ago.

You can read more on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Copilot: Available for purchase with any licence

Microsoft have announced that Copilot is now generally available for all individuals, enterprises, and anyone in between. The 300 lisence minimum has been removed. 

You can read more on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Copilot: Include AI generated document summary

Copilot will allow you to share an AI-generated document summary when you choose to share a Word document with other users. Giving more context around what is in the document, without the time commitment for the document owner.

Microsoft Copilot: Notepad is getting a Cowriter feature

Notepad is the next Microsoft programme to get AI super powers. Cowriter will be a generative AI assistant, helping to create content in Notepad depending on the prompts given to it by users.

Microsoft Education: Reading Coach made available to everyone

Bringing the power of reading to more people, Microsoft announce that the standalone version of the Reading Coach app is available to everyone. No subscription required.

Microsoft Stream: Video reactions are coming

Following the rollout of 'reactions' features across Teams, Word, and Outlook, Microsoft announce that they are now coming to Stream too. Viewers will be able to express feelings towards videos, and see how their other colleagues feel about content.

Microsoft Teams: 'Calm' for Microsoft Teams

The top wellness and meditation app in the world, Calm, now has a Microsoft Teams integration! With mindfulness content to help you feel relaxed, productive, and connected. Improve your mental health in the workplace with a library of more than 3,000 Calm sessions within Teams.

Microsoft Teams: Decorate your

Microsoft vow to 'make meetings more fun and personal' with the new Decorate your background feature. People can now use generative background effects in Teams, helping you to create a brand new background. Even if the space you’re working from isn’t at its best. Uses the power of AI, available for users with a Teams Premium license only.

Microsoft Teams: Hide 'General' channels

People will soon be able to hide the 'General' channels within Teams. Helping to improve focus and highlight the channels that matter most to you.

Microsoft Teams: Forward Chat messages

Microsoft roll out a forward feature for Microsoft Teams messages.

Share a message with another colleague by right clicking the message and selecting “forward” or by clicking the “…” on the message and then “forward”. Helping us all to get work done quicker.

This page is updated regularly. Please check back for more.