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Creating long-lasting change, with your people at the heart

We know that you can’t simply introduce new technology, switch it on, and expect widespread adoption. For new solutions that stick, you need to bring your people along on that journey. With expert Change Managers and a proven change process. That’s where Hable comes in. 

73% of employees affected by change experience medium to high levels of stress.



How we 'do' Change: Our methodology

We’ve been refining our approach to change management for the last decade. Achieving long-lasting and effective change for some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.

We start with a Digital Skills Assessment, identifying where your people are today and their levels of digital maturity. When we have that benchmark, we apply our methodology. Breaking down your organisational, departmental and individual ways of working into smaller and more manageable chunks. Before helping to improve each one of them.

You add all of these improvements together – and you achieve organisational change.

Built on the foundations of PROSCI

Our team of highly skilled PROSCI accredited change managers help customers achieve maximum impact every single day. Keeping people at the heart of every project.

Using PROSCI’s ADKAR methodology as the foundation for our change programmes, we:

  • Raise Awareness and Desire to participate in the change
  • Upskill to provide the Knowledge needed and the Ability to implement new ways of working
  • Before celebrating success to ensure Reinforcement

We started with a mission to help change how people feel about technology. And that’s still what runs through every single Change project we manage today.

ADKAR Diagram - Showing what ADKAR stands for. Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.

Organisations with effective change management are 6x more likely to meet or exceed their objectives.



The benefits of change management

When rolling out new tech, there is so much to think about. The effect of the roll out on people can often fall down the list of priorities. But change management can unlock impressive benefits for your organisation.

  • Keep your project costs down: Keep costs to a minimum by improving the efficiency of your project. Avoiding delays, dealing with any obstacles, and ensuring all objectives are met.
  • Improve workplace culture: People often resist change. Managing this process fosters a much happier workplace, with employees feeling informed and supported throughout a project.
  • Achieve greater project success: Change management leads to greater project success and user adoption. With Prosci stating change management increases success by 6 times.

'After' the change project

Does change ever really have a beginning and end? Evolving and innovating is often a never-ending journey for ambitious organisations. When a change project officially ends, your people still need support. And you still need a plan for ongoing user adoption.

Turning new learnings into everyday behaviour takes time. Our Change team can help with this. Ensuring the learnings become embedded long after the initial project ends. Crucial for delivering the most significant benefits for your staff.

Are you ready for change?

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