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Identify where you are today. Accurately plan for tomorrow.

Latest research shows a staggering 93% of UK businesses believe that there is a digital skills gap (via Forbes). With 58% of workers saying their employer has never provided them with the training needed to improve their digital skills (via Oxford Learning).  

So, how do you improve digital skills while ensuring you are providing the right training opportunities?  

First – you need to understand where you are today. You need as much information as you possibly can to make the best decisions you possibly can.  

That’s how a digital skills assessment can help. 

Download our latest eBook: How a Digital Skills Assessment can transform your organisation

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Whether you are looking to understand more about current digital maturity, or you're laying the foundations for a successful technology programme in the future, a Digital Skills Assessment can help unlock huge benefits for your organisation. 

In our latest FREE eBook, you can expect:

  • A look at why digital skills are important 
  • Insights into the key themes and trends found from the Digital Skills Assessments we have carried out so far
  • A deep dive into the key benefits
  • Plus much more! 


Download the eBook today!

What actually is a Digital Skills Assessment?!

A digital skills assessment is an assessment of the current digital maturity and capabilities of your staff.  

It involves evaluating the proficiency levels and confidence of employees in different areas of work. Such as information management, collaboration, and accessibility.  

The results from the assessment can then be used to analyse your current state of digital maturity, plan for the future with data-driven decisions, and close your digital skills gap.

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Understand your current state of digital maturity
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Close the digital skills gap across your organisation
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Make data driven decisions to accelerate change

Are you ready to start your Digital Skills Assessment?

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We are proud to have carried out Digital Skills Assessments for some of the most prestigious councils, government departments, and businesses in the country. If you would like to gain a better understanding of the way technology is currently being used across your organisation, get in touch to start your Digital Skills Assessment journey today.