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In 2018, Bristol University went through an extensive transformation. The construction of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus was the catalyst for revisiting their digital transformation journey. Leaving them to think about the best way to collaborate and communicate across different locations in the city.  

As part of this, Surface Hubs were rolled out to various meeting rooms across the University. Becoming central to the way staff collaborated.

It was Hable's job to help embed these devices into everyday ways of working. 

What Hable Did  

We started with a review of the University’s current plans for “New Ways of Working”, commissioned by Pete Walker (Head of Support, IT Services). They were thinking about three big topics: “New Spaces, New Tools & Smarter Working”. 

Our team of consultants then conducted interviews and workshops with key stakeholders. Gaining a deep understanding of the current use of technology and the expected impact of change across different departments.

We focussed on supporting staff with understanding both current and new Microsoft 365 apps, along with the new Surface devices that they were given. Playing a crucial role in educating the 1,000 Professional Services staff across the University, helping them to become proficient in using the new technology.   

“Surface Hubs have been an integral part of ‘new ways of working’ at the University of Bristol. Hubs are proving to be indispensable. People can join meetings from anywhere, helping to make meetings more engaging and inclusive.”

Peter Walker, Head of Support, IT Services


Hable also created an ‘art of the possible’ video to help show others what their working day could look like with modern workplace tools.  

Watch the video below: 


If you have a new device rollout coming up soon, or you want to improve ways of working in your organisation. Drop the team an email, or give us a call. 


Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

At Hable, we change the way people feel about technology. Through our range of adoption and change management services and package, we can improve the way your organisation works by unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.

For questions on how we can work with you to do this, get in touch; we’ll be happy to help.

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