#TeamHable Customer Stories: NHS Scotland

Working with NHS Scotland over the course of last year has been a highly rewarding project for all involved. In March 2020, the Scottish Government asked NHS Scotland to roll out Microsoft Teams to all staff across the organisation to enable remote, collaborative working and improved organisation-wide communication as the national lockdown loomed.


The plan to switch on Teams was already in place and scheduled for September, in alignment with the transition from NHSMail to Outlook Online. Because of COVID 19, the script was re-written and the team had to migrate over 160,000 users in one weekend.

NHS Scotland was working closely with Microsoft at this time, who recognised that they were a bit short-handed having only one person responsible for the whole of the Microsoft 365 change management effort ahead. Microsoft suggested that they contact some end-user specialists in their partner network to support their nascent Champions Network.


“Hable seemed like a good fit as they were working with central government and NHS departments already, this indicated that they would understand support our users would value most. The initial engagement was for three months, which initially seemed like a long time, but it absolutely flew by, and we were soon gearing up for the migration of 120,000 people from the NHSMail platform.”

Seonaid Reid, Business Change Lead @ NHS Scotland

#TeamHable’s Role


Working on this project was #TeamHable’s Sital Champaneria, Harry Traynor, Victoria O’Higgins, Paul Hart and Oliviero Lurcovich. NHS Scotland commented on how useful it was to not only have Microsoft 365 experts as an extension of their team, but also within the Hable team for individuals to have expertise on specific parts of the platform. For example, our Paul Hart is an absolute whizz on SharePoint and Harry is our go-to guy for Power Automate.

“Because of Hable’s nice informal and friendly approach, the M365 Champions Team was a safe place for people to come in and ask questions.”

The move to Microsoft Teams meant that for the first time, NHS Scotland had a centralised platform where everyone could access resources and interact. Using Microsoft Teams, they were able to build a SharePoint site for the email migration that everyone could access, and that could easily be updated. Seonaid commented that Paul was an immense help in putting this together.

“An organisation’s biggest asset and safeguard is its staff’s knowledge and expertise. Being able to use the technology safely and efficiently is critical, especially in the Cloud environment, and Hable’s training sessions enable people to explore in a safe place. I particularly enjoyed the training Paul gave on SharePoint, which was absolutely enthralling. It was so beautifully delivered, and he is so calm.”

High praise indeed!

The training resources that we created for NHS Scotland have also been useful, not only at a national level, but also for the 23 different health boards throughout Scotland, helping them to train their users at a local level, adapted to their specific needs.

Graphic showing quote from Seonaid Reid at NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland’s Champions Network & Super Champions

While having a digital Champions Network is part of NHS Scotland’s strategy already, after having members of #TeamHable around, the team saw the long-term value of having M365 experts in-house. 

“It’s amongst the new roles that have emerged from all this – especially considering the evergreen nature of Microsoft 365, it’s difficult to keep up. You guys either knew it all already, or had the head space to research and come back with the answer at a time when our people in-house who would normally take on these roles were focused on responding to other COVID-19 driven demands.”

After considering how to fill the gap once we left, NHS Scotland invited people to come forward as ‘Super Champions’. We have been giving training to these Super Champions to help bridge the gap between the people who would normally help and #TeamHable.

“Hable were really helpful in creating this ‘Super Champ’ network. So previously, when people would have gone to Harry and Ollie for advice, they can now go to our own ‘Super Champs.’

graphic telling readers that there are now 50 super champions at NHS champions

The Positive Impact of Microsoft Teams

On a broader scale, the implementation of this technology has had a wide reach and impact throughout the whole country.

“NHS Scotland is the largest employer in Scotland, so this has had a huge impact on colleagues and their families, enabling people to follow government guidelines and work from home wherever possible, keeping themselves and their families safe while they continue to support Scotland’s health and wellbeing during the pandemic.”

Hannah Boland
M365 Communication & Engagement Lead @ NHS Scotland

In terms of the administration and decision-making, it has made things much easier, especially considering Scotland is such a geographically dispersed nation. For example, Teams has made it much easier to work collaboratively across boards, particularly during the email migration, enabling colleagues from more remote places like Shetland, who were previously at a disadvantage due to location, to be more included.

“If you were trying to set up meetings a year ago, it would have taken an age to find time in everyone’s diary to get people all in one place. Teams has without a doubt removed the barriers previously in place to achieve improved on-going cross-board engagement.”

Another example of the game-changing effect Microsoft Teams has had in this organisation is one clinician who had a clash between an academic appointment and a medical appointment. The clinician previously would have been dashing from a clinical appointment in Glasgow to an academic appointment in Edinburgh, so would have been unable to do both. Having Teams as a tool meant that his PA could rearrange his schedule, enabling both appointments to happen. This is just a microcosm of the changes taking place across the whole organisation.

“Dr Paul Campbell, Clinical Lead at NHS Scotland, would tell you that this technology has saved lives due to the remote working and social distancing.”

how Hable supported NHS Scotland's adoption of MS Teams

He had used Teams as an Early Adopter basis and could see the potential of it, he was the one who advocated for the technology to be implemented. Indeed, using Teams proved pivotal to Paul’s role in setting up Glasgow’s NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital as part of the national contingency response to COVID, allowing colleagues from all over Scotland to quickly form as a team and work safely together in a fast-paced environment.

Graphic showing quote from Seonaid Reid at NHS Scotland

It’s been a pleasure working with NHS Scotland and positively impacting the way the organisation works, especially in the face of the pandemic. Many thanks to Seonaid & Hannah for their time and for the whole team for being such a delight to work with!

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