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JESS Dubai was our very first project in the Middle East region. 

JESS is an English-speaking school in Dubai, and considered one of the top schools in the world. It is recognised internationally for its best practice around digital learning, with students having access to Office 365 from Year 4 onward. SharePoint is also used for storing and sharing teaching content, CPD resources, administrative materials and more. 

It was Hable who helped get them there.  

We initially came on board to provide consultancy services to the school leadership team. We assessed their current IT environment and made a comprehensive plan to map out their move to the cloud.  

The technical work to get them over to Office 365 was executed remotely from the UK. We moved in rapid time. Our technical team migrated them to Exchange and SharePoint online within just three months.  

Following the overwhelming success of this, we helped them deploy a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) replacement. We built this using a mix of SharePoint and OneNote.  

To further help create a modern teaching and learning environment, we then supported teachers. Offering dedicated training on their new Surface Pro devices. We also went on to create a bespoke app for the school – Review365. It became a very successful way of streamlining their appraisals process and moving it online.  

Now, JESS Dubai are internationally renwoned for their approach to digital teaching and learning. Students now have access to their Surface Pro devices to engage with learning, collated through OneNote. In KS4 and JESS Sixth Form, students are empowered to select their own devices based on their personal preference and needs. 

JESS Dubai have many digital learning achievements including: 

  • Microsoft Showcase School
  • Twelve Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts on staff
  • Two GESS Awards for Best Use of ICT on staff 

It has been a fantastic experience working with JESS and helping them to revolutionise the way they deliver education.  

Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

At Hable, we change the way people feel about technology. Through our range of adoption and change management services and package, we can improve the way your organisation works by unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.

For questions on how we can work with you to do this, get in touch; we’ll be happy to help.

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