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Imperial College London is a world-class university. Its mission is to benefit society through excellence in science, engineering, medicine and business.  

We first working with Imperial when we delivered all of their Office 365 launch activity and staff training. With over 7,000 members of staff – this is no mean feat!  

Our programme included marketing and comms consultancy to deliver the right messages at the right time. The delivery of Buzz Days, and onsite training workshops.  

We produced a concept video on how Imperial College London staff could use Office 365 more efficiently, to get the most out of it. We then also made a series of custom branded training videos for Imperial and one of them – “What is Yammer?” – went viral on their YouTube channel. 

The video currently has over 120,000 views:


Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

At Hable, we change the way people feel about technology. Through our range of adoption and change management services and package, we can improve the way your organisation works by unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.

For questions on how we can work with you to do this, get in touch; we’ll be happy to help.

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