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Back in 2019, Headmaster Dr Chris Stevens had a vision to embrace the opportunities of digital learning to better prepare the current and future generations. A vision which was validated through the pandemic. 

When the COVID struck, the College’s foresight to invest in infrastructure and technology provided the right platform to embark on an ambitious plan. To roll out Teams to all of their staff and deliver teaching fully remote.  

Hable had two and a half weeks to help Bradfield College get their technical and governance work sorted, and plan a three day rollout to their teaching staff.  

We started training sessions in April and ran them for three days. We were able to take the College from almost 0 – 100 with Teams. From the very basics to screen recordings, using forms and more magnificent features of Microsoft 365.  

“This is now kind of laughable. Over the last three months we have achieved all of that. This year, we had a phased roll-out of devices. We’ve been working with Hable for quite a while now, which has really supported what we have  
been doing this term.” 

 – Gavin Turner, Director of Teaching & Learning, Bradfield College 

Teachers really have to know what they’re doing with Microsoft Teams. They are the owner, moderator and the presenter. So really, it’s quite an amazing process that the staff at Bradfield have gone through. 

Teachers in the art department are now fully utilising video content, recording techniques and collating videos for students. This requires quite a sense of mastery over Teams, the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and in general, technology.  

The dedication shown by teachers on our training sessions has been quite amazing. They have shown a genuine commitment to delivering the best education they can. All of the training sessions happened during holiday time and they were not mandatory. Yet, a huge proportion of Bradfield staff attended each one on offer. 

Before training, Bradfield collectively had 20 Teams and 10 group calls. After the project they had over 140 colleagues trained on Teams. 665 Teams. 3,000 channel messages. And over 5,000 chat messages.  

It’s always a pleasure working with teachers and staff. We had such a rewarding time at Bradfield College, enabling the school to continue delivering their world-class education during challenging times. 

“The differentiator between Hable and the other companies is that all the trainers have actually been teachers before, this makes such a difference. They get what it’s like to be a teacher, so there is this immediate rapport and resonance between the trainers and our staff. They are like a member of the common room really.” 

 - Gavin Turner, Director of Teaching and Learning 


Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365

At Hable, we change the way people feel about technology. Through our range of adoption and change management services and package, we can improve the way your organisation works by unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.

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