Hable started with two words written on a scrap of paper. Dream. Deploy. These two words provided the foundation for Hable and describe the unique value we provide to our customers. Since day one, we wanted to be a new kind of Microsoft Partner. We know how important it is to combine a big dream with a well-executed deployment plan. We help organisations build and shape their digital vision while supporting them through practical steps to make change happen. If you dream and deploy ‘the Hable way’ your people will be at the centre of your IT project.

Our founder Mark Reynolds left Microsoft to build a business that would change the way people feel about technology, we are now proud to be both a Microsoft Gold Partner and Global Training Partner specialising in Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management with a wealth of incredible customers both past and present. 

“I loved working at Microsoft, but I knew that at some point in my life I had to make the jump and try being my own boss. The launch of Microsoft 365 gave me that opportunity. I noticed that when a customer’s technical team, or Microsoft partner, had finished a cloud migration, people had a bigger inbox, but were not using the more transformative parts of the platform. It was then I realised, there is a gap for a new type of Microsoft partner.”

Mark Reynolds (Founder) 

What we do

Whether you are rolling out new devices or cloud services, we follow these three steps to ensure your change programme is successful. 

Managing Successful Change

All #TeamHable consultants are Prosci® ADKAR accredited. We know what it takes to achieve successful Change Management and Adoption of Microsoft 365.  

Delivering Impactful Learning

Our specialist subject is inspiring your people to learn more about Microsoft 365. We don’t like the word “training”, we prefer the word “learning”.  

Building Smart Workplaces

We will help you build a smart workplace that is inclusive for everyone, combining Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and the Power Platform to create a bespoke, modern workplace.

Managing Successful Change

What does Hable do to Manage Successful Change?  

      • Change Management. Introducing new technology or new ways of working requires professional planning and people who have been through it before. Our Prosci® certified ADKAR practitioners will work with you to find ways to drive change and ensure that your business is ready for the future.
      •  Strategy Consultancy. We’ll interview stakeholder groups to learn about your organisation, run “Art of the Possible” sessions to give people ideas, then bring it all together in a written report with our findings and recommendations for your strategies.
      • Internal Comms. There’s no point in delivering a great technology project if nobody understands why you’re doing it. We’ll act as your internal marketing department, creating compelling communications and agency-grade collateral to help you get the message across and inspire your people.


Delivering Impactful Learning

How do we deliver impactful learning?


  • Learning Workshops. We have a catalogue of technology workshops covering every aspect of Microsoft 365, which we combine with the “soft skills” that people need to work in new ways. Workshops can be delivered remotely or face-to-face and are tailored to the needs of your staff.
  • Floor walking. Floor walking days are a great way to reinforce the learning that takes place in workshops. A #TeamHable specialist will visit people at their desks, physically or virtually, giving 1:1 sessions or small group coaching to help your people feel supported and confident.
  • Learning Content. We understand that people learn in different ways, so we will create a range of bespoke learning content for each Hable project. Clear visual guides, engaging videos and branded workshop slides are combined to suit all learning styles and give your project an “agency grade” feel.

Building Smart Workplaces

How do we build smart workplaces?


  • SharePoint Sites & Microsoft Teams. All Microsoft 365 tenants come with SharePoint and Teams, but which is right for you and can they be combined? We build custom SharePoint sites and help you with Teams governance, before migrating data into the right places.
  • Accessibility with Microsoft 365. We ensure your workplace is inclusive and accessible for everybody using the free tools in Microsoft 365. Our consultants will help you build an accessibility strategy and execute it with our high quality accessible technology training.
  • The Power Platform. Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate are powerful tools that can be combined to improve the way you work. Hable will help you to identify areas for business improvement and build bespoke Microsoft 365 apps to address these needs.

Meet #TeamHable

#TeamHable is a collection of like-minded people working towards a common goal. Our staff represent the core of #TeamHable, but our customers are part of the team too. Every time we start a new project, the team expands and gets stronger.

Meet Hable’s leadership team!

Pictured below, from left to right:

Mark Reynolds – Founder 

Mel Hunter – Operations Manager

Sarah Mann – Head of Delivery & Accessibility 

Nicki Harman – Head of Content & Change

Sean O’Shea – Managing Director

“Mark from Hable was an engaging and well informed consultant and the session would be useful to encourage all users to become more mobile and cloud centric.”

-Imperial College. Rotimi Nelson (Office 365 Project Manager)

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