Hable drive the successful adoption of Microsoft 365 by putting your people at the heart of every project.

Managing Successful Change

All #TeamHable consultants are Prosci® ADKAR accredited. We know what it takes to achieve successful Change Management and Adoption of Microsoft 365.

Delivering Impactful Learning

Our specialist subject is inspiring your people to learn more about Microsoft 365. We don’t like the word “training”, we prefer the word “learning”.

Building Smart Workplaces

We will help you build a smart workplace that is inclusive for everyone, combining Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and the Power Platform to create a bespoke, modern workplace.

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We work in four main sectors

Our experience working in different industries helps us to see things from different points of view. We have dedicated teams looking after the four sectors, tailoring our content and approach for each one. Understanding how you work today helps us to shape how you will work tomorrow.


Changing how society works

Helping your government organisation to work more efficiently, enabling employees to focus on what really matters.


Changing the world of business

Getting your business ready to deliver more, drive efficiency and respond quickly when your market changes.


Changing how learning works

Empowering your staff, students and educators with the power of Microsoft technology, creating learning environments that work for everyone.


Changing the landscape of healthcare

Empowering your healthcare professionals with new ways of working, giving clinicians more time to focus on their patients.


Hear from our customers

Find out how we worked with National Museums Liverpool (NML) to roll out efficient, flexible ways of working within the organisation. During our time working with NML, we rolled out Teams to over 1000 employees from 8 locations and enabled them all to work remotely.
During this process, we not only supported the company with new tools and workflows, we created a new and improved intranet on SharePoint with some nifty, in-house developed PowerApps. Read more about NML here.

Our values are what define us

They underpin the way we recruit our staff and the way we work with our customers. This is what #TeamHable is all

News from #TeamHable

Check out our blog to see what we’ve been up to… 

What’s New From Microsoft? June 2022 Update

What’s New From Microsoft? June 2022 Update

In this next instalment of our monthly Microsoft updates, we’re rounding up the best Microsoft 365 announcements from the past month. In this round up we look at new features that have come to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva.

Tell us about your project.

If you want to change the way your people feel about technology, join #TeamHable so we can help you dream and deploy. Drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to talk.