Change how people feel about technology…

Hable will make your Office 365 rollout successful, by putting people at the heart of it. We’ll help you dream big and deploy fast.

Our Services

Hable deliver market leading services in 3 areas. If you already know what you need, just get in touch.

Manage Successful Change

Hable consultants are Prosci ADKAR accredited and know what it takes to deliver organisational change, underpinned by the use of

Deliver Impactful Learning

We don’t like the word “training” – we prefer the word “learning”. Our specialist subject is inspiring your staff to learn more about Office 365.

Support Office 365 Adoption

 So, you are rolling out Office 365? Good call. Get beyond email by using SharePoint, Teams & the Power Platform to change the way people work. Make the most from your investment in the Microsoft cloud.

Hable has industry experience in 4 main sectors

Our experience with different sectors helps us see things from different points of view. We have dedicated teams looking after the 4 sectors, tailoring our content and
approach for each one. Understanding how you work today, helps us change how you will work tomorrow.


Changing how the UK works

Your organisation is now ready to collaborate with other government agencies or external stakeholders to drive real improvements for UK citizens & change how the UK works for everyone.


Changing how business works

Your business is now ready to deliver more, drive efficiency and respond quickly when your market changes. People feel confident when using your technology systems.


Changing how learning works

Your school has embraced digital technology to enhance the way you deliver learning & prepare students for a bright future. Teaching staff feel empowered to innovate in the classroom.


Changing the business of education

Your University has embraced technology to change the way you deliver learning & prepare students for a bright future. Staff feel ready to innovate & support staff can be more efficient.


Our values are what define us

They underpin the way we recruit our staff and the way we work with our customers. This is what #TeamHable is all

News from #TeamHable

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#HableHints: Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

#HableHints: Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

#HableHints: Making the Most of Microsoft TeamsOver the past few months, we have been sharing tips collated from different members of #TeamHable on how to make the most of Microsoft Teams. Here is a run down of ten top tips from us to help you work and collaborate...

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If you want to change the way your people feel about technology, join #TeamHable and we will help you dream big and deploy fast. Drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to talk.