Our work with Universities & Colleges

Higher and Further Education is going through a period of significant change. Student experience is key, and the digital experience given to students is getting more important all of the time. Technology brings huge potential to offer new experiences both on campus and when students are on the go. However, getting staff on board with new technology and driving a change in culture can be a challenge – and to do it successfully, you need experts on your team…


Hable are working with some of the top Universities in the world. We are supporting our customers to deliver projects that combine cloud technology, workplace design and academic innovation.

Scroll down to read some of our customer stories from the sector and hear how Hable help Universities and Colleges to work in new ways.

Customer Stories


“We would not have been with Hable for so long if they were not doing an amazing job.

-ULA. Lucy Wright (Organisational Development Lead)

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