#TeamHable Announcement: We’re now a Microsoft Gold Partner!

#TeamHable are delighted to share with you all the news that we have been awarded with the prestigious Microsoft Gold Partner status! This is a significant milestone on our journey with Microsoft.

Why is this important to Hable?

We are an Adoption and Change Management (ACM) partner, which means that organisations come to us when they want to change how their people work with Microsoft 365. Our approach is always “People first, Technology second”. Having the recognition of being a Microsoft Gold Partner gives us access to a range of competency benefits and privileges, such as training opportunities, toolkits and more partnership opportunities with Microsoft.

So, why is being a Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity important?

To understand how people work today, and to help organisations define a new way of working for tomorrow, it’s important for us to understand the technology that enables this to happen.

Therefore, investing in our people at #TeamHable to learn and be certified in these areas ensures that we get the right balance between our technical expertise and our people-first approach. As a Gold Partner, we now receive continuous online technical support, news and updates more directly from Microsoft to ensure that we are always up-to-date with industry news and trends.

What’s next?

The recognition and investment from Microsoft in the importance of Adoption and Change Management practice is fantastic to see. From the development of the Customer Success Unit, to the newly announced Advanced Specialisation in Adoption and Change Management for partners like us, the progress made in a short few years is incredible.

“We are so excited to receive Microsoft Gold Partner status. There are so many amazing opportunities which will now be unlocked and help us on our mission to change how people feel about technology…”

Sean O’Shea, Hable’s Managing Director

#TeamHable are fully invested in this journey, so expect to see more from us in the near future!

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