#HableHints: Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

Over the past few months, we have been sharing tips collated from different members of #TeamHable on how to make the most of Microsoft Teams. Here is a run down of ten top tips from us to help you work and collaborate smarter using Teams!

#HableHints on How to Make the Most of Microsoft Teams

1. You no longer need to wait for someone to edit a document before you can continue to work on it. Share a link to a document and work together in real time. You will be able to see their edits live!


How to share a link to a document:

1. Click ‘Share’ in the top right hand corner of your M365 document

2. Click ‘Copy Link’

3. Paste into an email or a Teams chat and start collaborating!

2. If someone shares a document or image during a call, you can zoom in and out of the content by pinching in and out on your trackpad, or holding the ‘Control’ key and scrolling with your mouse.

3. Trying to explain something without a visual can be hard. In chats, calls and meetings you can share your desktop or a window so colleagues can see what you’re referring to. If they want to contribute, give them control and they will be able to take over there and then!


See a full rundown of screensharing here.


4. If you have multiple group chats with colleagues on the go, rename them to fit the topic of discussion and make them easier to find.


How to rename a group:

1. Select the group that you want to rename

2. Select the ‘Pencil’ icon next to the list of names

3. Type your new group name into the text box

4. Click ‘Save’

5. Download the mobile app to remain connected on the go. You can attend meetings, edit documents, send messages and much more without needing to get your laptop out.

6. Pin Chats so they remain at the top of your Chats menu. Click on the ‘…’ to the right of the chat and select pin. Useful for ongoing projects and just as easy to un-pin when you no longer need to prioritise that chat.


How to pin chats:

1. Select ‘Chat’ to open the chat list

2. Find the name of the conversation you want to pin

3. Select ‘More options…’ & ‘Pin’

7. Hit the forward slash key in the search bar to bring up a list of commands. Commands provide you with quick access to functions, such as setting your status to busy or accessing unread messages.

8. When in a meeting, click on ‘more options’ and select ‘blur background’. Not only does it allow others to remain focused on you, it gives you more privacy if you are working from home.


How to blur your background:

1) Click on the ‘…’ for more options

2) Select ‘show background effects’

3) Choose your background (blurred or another custom one!)

4) Click ‘Apply’!

9. Chat instead of email. Use chat for informal conversations with colleagues. Your chat history is easy to follow, easily searchable, you’ll get much quicker response and less in your inbox. Think WhatsApp for work.

10. Teams in always evolving with new updates being pushed out regularly. Whether you’re new to Teams or just want to learn more, click on the ‘Help’ button in the bottom left of the menu to find out about new or existing features.

Or ask #TeamHable for help!

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