We are proud to have been partnering with UK-based conservation charity, World Land Trust, on an initiative called The Hable Forest. Through this we are: 

  • Planting 1 tree for every learning day we deliver to customers  
  • Donating £1 towards land purchase for every feedback survey we receive  
  • Raising vital funds to support Forest Rangers  

We are supporting this work in some of the World’s most vulnerable habitats: Brazil, India and Borneo. To further highlight the need for conservation and protection in these areas, we’ve been sharing more about each of them on our blog.  

We have previously looked at the work World Land Trust are doing in Borneo and Brazil, and are finishing the series by looking at the fantastic work they’re doing in India!  

Wildlife in India

When you think of India, the first thing that comes to mind might the bustling and buzzing cities. However, many areas of the country are actually teeming with wildlife; India is thought to be one of the most biodiverse regions of the world and contains three of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots

Among the country there are over 100 national parks, containing over 15,600 square miles of protected land and wildlife sanctuaries.  

The Bengal Tiger is India’s national animal, with the Indian Elephant, Indian Leopard, and Gaur also being found in the country.  

Threats to the environment in India

Due to India’s ever-growing economy and expanding population, the country is under huge threat from environmental issues and climate change. With the population currently sitting at well over 1 BILLION people, wildlife is threatened and habitats across the country are destroyed. 

With this sheer amount of people, there is an increase in human-wildlife conflict, with illegal logging and agricultural encroachment continuing to be a major threat across the country. Many of the rich, biodiverse areas are not properly protected or conserved, meaning they suffer from deforestation and construction.  

Environmental issues in India

How World Land Trust are helping

With the pressures on the environments across India not going anywhere, the World Land Trust are working hard to do what they can to protect the areas that remain. They do this mainly through educating local communities and working closely with them to resolve conflicts.  

Across the country, World Land Trust have been collaborating with local organisations to: secure areas of land to create protected ‘Elephant Corridors’, putting on workshops to educate local people in developing sustainable lifestyles, and providing free medical health camps for villagers.  

The Hable Forest

Through our Hable Forest initiative with World Land Trust, we are immensely proud to be able to support this incredible work that they are doing in India. Through this initiative in 2021 we: 

  • Planted over 600 trees 
  • Purchased almost 25 acres of land  
  • Raised over £650 for rangers  

To find out more about our Hable Forest initiative visit the page here.  

We’d love to encourage other tech companies to ‘do their bit’ and find ways to help protect the planet. If you’re interested in finding out how we work with World Land Trust, please get in touch.  

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