We are immensely proud to have been partnering with UK-based conservation charity, World Land Trust, on an initiative called The Hable Forest. Through this we are: 

  • Planting 1 tree for every learning day we deliver  
  • Donating £1 towards land purchase for every feedback survey we receive  
  • Raising vital funds to support Forest Rangers  

We are supporting this work in some of the World’s most vulnerable habitats: Brazil, India and Borneo. To further highlight the need for conservation and protection in these areas, we’re going to be sharing more about each of them on our blog. We have previously looked at the work World Land Trust are doing in Borneo, which you can read here, and are continuing the series by looking at the fantastic work they’re doing in Brazil. 

Wildlife in Brazil

Brazil is an incredibly biodiverse environment, home to at least 524 species of mammals, 3,000 fish species, and 78 different primates. Brazil is also home to over 200 endangered species, with over 80% of them living in the Atlantic Forest, where World Land Trust now focuses its efforts. They estimate that in this area, there are around 3,200 endemic tree species and 30% of birds also being endemic.  

Among this rich biodiverse environment, you might find jaguars, giant armadillos, capybaras and Brazilian tapir. 

Threats to the environment in Brazil

Due to its diverse habitats and reliance on agriculture, Brazil faces several huge threats to its environments. Deforestation, especially, is a major cause for concern with the BBC reporting recently that deforestation has reached its worst levels in 15 years.  

The Atlantic Forest area of Brazil is one of the most threatened forest regions on the planet, with only around 7% of the original forest now remaining.  

Cattle grazing and cattle ranching is also a huge threat to the area, responsible for 340 million tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere every year, equivalent to 3.4% of current global emissions. 

A photo of the environment in Brazil's

How World Land Trust are helping

With the pressures on the environments in Brazil mounting, the World Land Trust are working hard to do what they can to protect the areas that remain. They do this mainly through land purchase and employing local people as rangers for the threatened areas.  

Working with Reserva Ecologica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) 

REGUA are an organisation working on the ground within the Atlantic Forest area of Brazil. World Land Trust are partnering with them to support their mission of protecting the forest and its rich biodiversity.  

In 2020, World Land Trust worked closely with REGUA to secure a huge 277 acres of priority land through their land purchasing scheme, protecting key areas of the forest and connecting forest areas. 

World Land Trust also supports REGUA in employing local people to work as park rangers and visitor guides, as well as tree planting and reforestation projects. 

The Hable Forest

Through our Hable Forest initiative with World Land Trust, we are immensely proud to be able to support this incredible work that they are doing in Brazil. Through this initiative in 2021 we: 

  • Planted over 600 trees 
  • Purchased almost 25 acres of land  
  • Raised over £650 for rangers  

To find out more about our Hable Forest initiative visit the page here.  

We’d love to encourage other tech companies to ‘do their bit’ and find ways to help protect the planet. If you’re interested in finding out how we work with World Land Trust, please get in touch.  

In the next blog, we’ll take a look at how our Hable Forest project is helping habitats in India.  

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