#HableHints: Tips from #TeamHable on Remote Working

As many people around the world have transitioned to working remotely for the first time, we have compiled a series of tips on ways #TeamHable have made it work over five years of running a business with a virtual team and helping other businesses and organisations do so too… 

Ten tips on how to work remotely, successfully…

1. Utilise the like button. It isn’t just for sentiment… it can communicate that you’ve read and understood a topic without the need for a lengthy reply.

2. In meetings with lots of people, once you’ve said ‘Hi’ switch your camera off and mute to save on bandwidth.

3. When you’re on a video call, look at the camera. Many people have two screens and put the image of the person they’re speaking to on the second screen. You wouldn’t sit in a meeting and look away from the person you’re speaking to the whole time.

4. Don’t schedule back-to-back calls. Add in breaks that would normally be the ‘walking between meetings’ time. You need your head to recover between each meeting.

5. Find ‘happy’ spots in the house to work. You don’t always need to sit in the same place everyday, if it’s getting too much like groundhog day.

6. At the beginning of each day, set up what you want to achieve using a planner or ‘to do’ list to help keep you on track.

7. Don’t worry about interruptions. If you are working at home with the kids, just let people know, they will understand. We are all in this together!

8. Take breaks, go outside, set boundaries, create a routine. 

9. Physical isolation doesn’t mean being disconnected. Make an effort to stay in touch with colleagues utilising technology. Attend online meetings and meet-ups, check-in with messages and texts and keep connected with social media.

10. Try to take a complete break from technology during your lunch break. Make your lunch from scratch, go for a walk, or read a book. You’ll feel much more energised for the rest of the day.

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