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What Hable did:

Ran a Discovery Workshop to assess current state of working 

Created an internal comms campaign to communicate benefits of new tech

Produced engaging learning resources to support self-learning

Provided a dedicated Workplace Coach to provide 1:1 support for all 600 end-users

Recruited a set of engaged Digital Champions (mentors)

The project outcomes:

Positive feedback across Surrey Heartlands CCG around mentor training and bespoke courses

A set of engaging digital assets for the customer to use throughout the rollout

Over 120 end users supported through live drop in sessions 

40 questions asked and answered by our dedicated 1:1 support

Key learnings discovered for Phase 2 of this project

At Hable, we’re proud to have been working on an innovative change management and user adoption programme with Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), an integral member of the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership; one of the very first Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in England.

Surrey Heartlands HCP brings together NHS organisations, local authorities and other partners to take a joint responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of their local population.   

Surrey Heartlands CCG were already progressing through their digital transformation journey and moving away from traditional ways of working when we first engaged with them. They are working toward closing 4 of their offices and investing in new spaces that are more collaborative; with more hot desks, more meeting rooms and larger meeting spaces for collaboration. They had, because of the pandemic, also started using Microsoft technologies utilising programmes like Teams to improve remote collaboration.  

Microsoft 365 – or N365 as it is referred to within the NHS – was a large transition piece for Surrey Heartlands CCG, and they knew that to make it a success across the organisation they would need to hire an adoption and change management expert.  

That’s where Hable came in.  

Understanding how their people work 

It was our job to ‘change the hearts and minds’ of their people, helping every staff member embrace a new and smarter ways of working using Microsoft 365. They also wanted us to help improve collaboration and communication with other organisations and stakeholders that sit under the ICS.  

It was decided that we would support the ICS in a staged approach, starting with the CCG, followed by its Primary Care, with a view to potentially support the wider organisations that sit under the ICS including local councils and community services. 

Using the ADKAR methodology of change, we kicked off with a Discovery Workshop, finding out what is and isn’t going well, defining the current state of working across Surrey Heartlands CCG, and shaping a future state of working.  

To deeply understand how people were working with N365 currently, we created a defined set of personas that existed across Surrey Heartlands CCG. This helped us to visualise a smarter future way of working for them, and informed the best services for the rest of the project. 

Healthcare workers getting together in the office to have a meeting | Surrey Heartlands digital transformation

Helping to create successful change across Surrey Heartlands  

First, we delivered a Governance Workshop for the CCG, providing guidance on developing Microsoft 365 security and compliance policies; ensuring that compliance, security and legal requirements are met in the early stages of the project provides a solid foundation for the rollout of Microsoft 365.  

Our internal Creative team worked closely with Surrey Heartlands on an agency-grade internal comms campaign to begin raising awareness of the benefits of moving over to new ways of working. This included engaging posters, eye-catching digital banners, and a branded slide deck & email template. This comms plan also helped to increase engagement with the support Hable were offering and with recruitment of mentors. 

Following on from this, we also created a set of engaging learning resources such as branded help-guides, an FAQ document and infographic style resources to support self-learning.  

This was all supported by a Hable Workplace Coach – an end-user specialist to provide remote 1:1 support via Microsoft Teams for all 600 end-users across the CCG initially. This included tips and resources to help people develop their skills, a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel for troubleshooting and resolving queries, and a community. for knowledge sharing. 

“Hable have helped us form our thinking in a way that is a real partnership,” says Anthony Shipley, the Director of Governance & Corporate Affairs. “It’s a very equal relationship, and a really good way of working. They feel like part of our team.” 

Recruiting a network of digital champions 

Having a team of engaged digital champions is a key part of these projects, playing a vital role in mentoring their peers and in turn increasing their confidence and digital skills. We helped Surrey Heartlands CCG recruit their group of digital champions – or mentors – identifying people who were suitable due to their listening skills, patience, and desire to help other people learn new technology.  

When the mentors were recruited, we then developed and delivered two bespoke training modules to help train them up, teaching them everything they need to be successful champions for change across the organisation.  

Picture of a team of people working together using Microsoft products | From Microsoft Image Library

What were the outcomes of the change and adoption programme?

We’ve had some positive feedback so far: the mentor training was an overall success, and the bespoke courses we created did well to address and align with the organisation’s training needs. Of the users across Surrey Heartlands who engaged with our support in this phase, they found it really useful.

Through this initial phase, we also discovered some interesting trends that will serve as useful learnings for phase 2 of the project in primary care, covering 104 GP Practices across Surrey Heartlands. For example, the mentors required more app specific training as well as themed based courses to help them to apply this in practice. And, we know we need to create more awareness and desire to attend our training courses in order to improve adoption even further.

With over 120 people attending our live drop in sessions and 40 questions asked and answered in our questions channel,  we feel the support we’ve delivered has been really well received.

And finally, there were some fantastic stakeholder relationships built between the teams within both Hable and Surrey Heartlands; we feel we integrated seamlessly into their team.

“We absolutely love the relationship we have with Surrey Heartlands ICS,” says Gupinder Syan, our Healthcare Sector Lead. “They are really innovative and see this whole project as a truly exciting opportunity.” 

This is a sentiment also felt by Surrey Heartlands, with Anthony saying:

“I’ve really appreciated the resilience and calmness from Hable. We have a really good working relationship that will help with the next phase of the project.” 

This project truly was fantastic to be part of. We look forward to working closely with Surrey Heartlands on Phase 2 of this project in primary care, and seeing how much more value Microsoft 365 will bring to people across the organisation.  

"Champions are a powerful part of any digital transformation. They have the ability to turn an IT project into something more; they are the voice for colleagues. They enable us to ensure an organisation is getting the most value out of Microsoft 365 in a way that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise."

Sital Champaneria, Principal Consultant at Hable

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