Customer Stories

What Hable did:

Supported on OFGEM’s ‘Modern Digital Workplace’ stream

Worked closely with OFGEM employees to prepare them for new ways of working

Hosted live events and webinars on Hybrid Working and Smarter Meetings 

Provided reference guide resources to facilitate self-learning

Created an engaging internal comms campaign to raise awareness of the project

The project outcomes:

Over 650 OFGEM employees supported through live events and webinars 

Over the last 18 months, the government regulator for electricity and gas, OFGEM, have been leading a Modern Digital Workplace (MDW) stream to help them become a more adaptive and innovative organisation. Hable have played a vital role in this workstream, helping to prepare OFGEM employees for this new phase of working. 

Moving to a hybrid working model

As part of their MDW workstream, OFGEM have six priorities that they’re focusing on: Effective Meetings, Communications, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, Information Management, and Flexible working.  

They’re still in a transition phase, with hybrid working not yet fully integrated as a policy but more being explored as a concept.  

In order to support these priorities and their exploration into hybrid working, we have been working with OFGEM to provide topical learning, helping to drive healthy and productive meetings and allowing everyone to thrive in the modern workplace.  

Improving user adoption through an engaging learning programme 

One of the key things we’ve found over previous projects is that splitting training sessions into both workshops and live events provides better learning outcomes: while our Live Events are designed to explore the ‘art of the possible’ and raise awareness of a topic, our webinar workshops become the follow up. They’re more targeted to specific job roles and personas, and often more interactive including workshop style activities and breakout rooms.  

We used this understanding of learning to delivering a combination of Live Events and webinars to over 650 attendees across OFGEM. 

Following on from the learning sessions, we produced engaging and easy-to-digest reference guides that summed up all information and helped to facilitate any ongoing self-learning. 

“Reference guides are a great way of providing learners with the tools they need to be self-sufficient after their initial training. We use a combination of images alongside clear and concise wording to make sure it caters for all learning types, giving the latest tips and tricks on how to
navigate around the various applications in Microsoft 365.”

Georgie Bartley, Content & Marketing Consultant, Hable

Working with OFGEM to enable hybrid working

Successfully helping OFGEM embrace the world of hybrid working

At a time where organisations are making crucial decisions about how they engage with their people in a hybrid working world, we are delighted to have been able to engage so many people across OFGEM with the various learning sessions available. It was fantastic to see such a great turnout across the organisation. 

“We were so pleased to have had an opportunity to work further with OFGEM on these topics. It’s never been more important to think about how we make the best out of the technology available to support
people in dispersed teams. We love seeing those moments of recognition when people can identify changes that will impact both their productivity and their well-being while at the same time taking
steps to ensure no-one is left behind.”

Sarah Mann, Head of Learning & Inclusion

We look forward to hearing about this next phase for OFGEM and will continue to provide support with events and learning over the coming weeks and months.