Digital transformation across NHS Wales

#TeamHable Customer Stories: NHS Wales

We are immensely proud to have helped NHS Wales in the adoption of Microsoft 365 technologies, leading to improved understanding, better collaboration, and ultimately, an increase in employee wellbeing. This has helped them to deliver their main priority; outstanding patient care for 3 million people across Wales.

NHS Wales had an overarching objective to improve digital maturity across the organisation. When we were first introduced to them, they were working with RedCortex on the technical side of the project, and had already rolled out Microsoft Teams to over 104,000 employees. As they begun progressing with other Microsoft 365 applications, it was our role to help enable staff of all abilities, roles and responsibilities to get the most out of the suite and use it to its full potential.

We knew to be successful in this project, we needed to develop a programme that would support and encourage employees across NHS Wales. Our aim was to create a culture where people could embrace technology and feel confident using it. We proposed 3 workstreams focusing on:

  • Champions as a Service
  • Delivering engaging learning content
  • Creation of a bespoke FAQ Bot 

Encouraging user adoption through the Digital Champions Network


Managed and overseen by our Principal Consultant, Sital Champaneria, the Champions Network has been key in driving user adoption across the NHS Wales departments and health boards.

“Champions are a powerful part of any digital transformation. They have the ability to turn an IT project into something more; they are the voice for colleagues. They enable us to ensure an organisation is getting the most value out of Microsoft 365 in a way that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”


Sital Champaneria

When we came on board, there were already 300 champions from within the organisation, who were identified as being suitable due to a real passion and enthusiasm for technology. As we began working closely with them to build the Champions Network, this number grew steadily over the course of 6 months, and now sits at over 2,000 champions in total. 

Hable’s Champions as a Service package

Our champions as a service package includes the development and continued growth of a national champions team site and regular engagement with champions at digital forums, creating a space for collaborative working. We also provide daily workshops on all things Microsoft 365, ad hoc support calls and deep dives into how applications within Microsoft 365 can work for specific teams and roles.

Hable experts are available to answer questions and provide information for them to share across the organisation.

Having us on hand to support the Digital Champions Network within NHS Wales has been crucial during the pandemic, freeing up precious time to allow the focus to be on delivering care to patients.

doctor using iPad | Digital Transformation in NHS Wales

Delivering engaging learning content to improve understanding

Hable want to change the way people feel about technology. The simplest way of doing this is to get to know them first, to then be able to deliver learning programmes that suit all needs and demands of their job.

To start this, we took a closer look at the unique personas that exist across NHS Wales. Persona work can be particularly useful in identifying how people work today, either by their role, location, department or working hours. We then map out what the future way of working could look like, by focussing on key themes and recommendations from feedback. We can utilise personas to then enhance the level of support and tailor our learning programme to suit all needs across the organisation.

We put together 18 different training sessions for NHS Wales staff which covered all levels of digital knowledge and capabilities, right from ‘An Introduction to Microsoft Teams’ all the way through to ‘Delivering Virtual Patient Consultations Online.’ The training was initially arranged for the Digital Champions Network, but soon a wider need was identified, and the training was made available across the organisation to anyone who wanted it.

As of Match 2021, we’ve delivered training to over 3,000 people across NHS Wales and achieved a positive satisfaction rating of 92%. To support people post-training, we created guides on hot topics, how-to videos, and day-in-the-life content, which can be accessed and referred to well after the initial training with Hable has been completed.

Creating an FAQ Bot to reduce pressure on the service desk

The creation of an FAQ Bot was identified as an important part of this project in order to reduce pressure on the IT service desk, and provide an opportunity for staff to find their own answers to common queries.

Prior to working with us, the service desk staff were frequently overwhelmed with calls, emails and queries from within NHS Wales, leading to a drop in productivity and frustrations from staff. An FAQ Bot would automate a response to many of these persistent issues and common queries.

It was important that the bot communicated in simple language, recognised common scenarios, and was able to signpost people to relevant learning resources and additional support. The bot is currently being used by a number of digital champions at NHS Wales for wider testing, with a view to it being rolled out more widely in the coming months.

We can see this becoming an integral part of how the organisation handles IT support.

Female doctor using MS Teams | Digital transformation in NHS Wales

The positive impact of Microsoft technologies across NHS Wales

This project has been truly transformative for the 104,000 NHS Wales employees.

Through the integration of Microsoft 365, the Health boards have been brought closer together, working as one. They are all now able to interact and collaborate with ease and on a much wider scale. They’re working quicker, more efficiently, and remotely; the time saved has vastly improved overall employee wellbeing across the organisation.

Which, after all, helps them to continue to deliver great care across the country. And we know that by creating a positive employee experience, it leads to a positive patient experience.

Watch this video to find out more about our project to enable digital transformation in NHS Wales:

"Champions are a powerful part of any digital transformation. They have the ability to turn an IT project into something more; they are the voice for colleagues. They enable us to ensure an organisation is getting the most value out of Microsoft 365 in a way that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise."

Sital Champaneria, Principal Consultant at Hable

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