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National Museums Liverpool is the largest group of national museums based wholly outside London. They look after national collections which are among the most important and varied in Europe, containing everything from Impressionist paintings and rare beetles, to a lifejacket from the Titanic. They regularly host world class exhibitions, public lectures, workshops and activities for people of all ages. NML consists of eight museums and galleries, with more than 600 employees based at multiple sites. The organisation has charity status and all of the museums and galleries are free to the public. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this cultural powerhouse, training their people how to use technology to enable even greater collaboration across their sites.

The relationship between #TeamHable and National Museums Liverpool started back in May 2019. Since then, not only have we trained their employees, transitioning them to using Microsoft 365, we have had the opportunity to get to know their brilliant company culture and help them enhance it with the power of technology. 

This project was lead by Hable’s fantastic Paul Hart. The skillset, confidence and availability of technology was unknown at the beginning of the project and the sessions had to be scheduled so the delivery did not impact the museums’ operations, ensuring as seamless a transition over to Teams as possible. Thankfully, National Museums Liverpool had just completed their rollout when we went into lockdown, enabling them to continue their work in an agile manner while working from home. 

 “What Teams allows us to do is to work collaboratively to put together exhibitions, to have creative sessions, to discuss what exhibitions may look like, to share designs that we wouldn’t have been able to do before.”

– Laura Pye, National Museums Liverpool Director

Services Provided:

Microsoft 365 administration training and Teams administration training to the Information Systems Support Team

End user Teams training to first line staff and desk based (basically all members of staff across all 8 museums)

– Training and support for building a SharePoint intranet

– Training on PowerApps and PowerBI

Development of custom PowerApps solutions, including: Staff Suggestions, Teams Training, Good Deed Feed, Small Ads

Adhoc technical support for Email migration from on-prem to Microsoft 365 and from the old intranet to SharePoint Online


641 members of staff trained on Teams (with additional input on OneDrive, Outlook and OneNote for desk-based users)

– Departments able to use Teams for external contractors to provide content to the museums which had been too large for email systems (major staff workload and frustration reduction)

– Staff on the museum floor able to send visual information when there is a query to managers via Teams chat on mobile devices (staff efficiency improvement)

Data gathering through third party (SurveyMonkey) replaced by Forms (cost reduction)

Organisational news (“Insider”) becoming available to all staff through Teams (not all staff have email or access to a PC, so this has resulted in much better internal communications).

– Knowledge of museum systems/processes being verified through interactivity in Stream (process transformation)

– SharePoint used to provide a new Intranet

Project Lead, Paul Hart, on what he loved about the project:

“This project started off as a technical training session on Teams administration for the Information Support Team. From that initial meeting, the scope grew to delivering end user training to all staff, supporting the development of a new SharePoint intranet and the creation of custom PowerApps. I have been fortunate to be able to deliver the majority of this myself, so have been able to get a good overview of different aspects of the organisation’s work from many different levels. Whilst the brief and the content for training sessions was always the same, no two were ever identical as the needs of groups always varied considerably. A member of Information Support that sat in for most of the sessions commented that he always learned something new (although the jokes were always the same!) Whilst this was challenging and meant a lot of having to think on my feet, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting staff from the many different departments and helping them get to grips with these new technologies.”

I also picked up a few things along the way about how museums operate, which put me in a good position to advise the organisation about other aspects of Microsoft 365 that could be beneficial to them.”

“We worked with Hable to provide training for over 700 members of staff… We can now share our information and our documents much more effectively. We can carry out training across a large team, where people can dip in and out of it when it’s convenient to them in their work programme. We just feel more connected as a team. We have over 20 buildings that the team work across, all of a sudden it feels much more like one team working for one organisation.”


– Sandra Penketh, Executive Director for Galleries and Collections Care

NML has completely embraced the potential of every tool they’ve encountered, resulting in the development of a range of PowerApps which enable staff suggestions, performance development reviews, recognising good deeds (on the in-house ‘Good Deed Feed’) and even posting small ads. Since the lockdown, it has been hugely rewarding to see the tools and technology which we all worked so hard to put in place, prove their value.

“If there is a positive to take from what has happened recently, it has been that the vision NML had when I first spoke with them has become a reality far more rapidly than any of us could have possibly anticipated. I’m not sure how much I miss the time for contemplation on the long drive from Sheffield to Liverpool, but having continued to work with the organisation remotely through Teams since lockdown, I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to see and (for my part in getting where we have) feel proud about the real organisational change that has taken place.”

– Paul Hart, Hable

It has been such a brilliant project working with National Museums Liverpool. We’ve loved enabling the organisation to bring all of the people across their offices, galleries and museums together in a more collaborative way using #Microsoft365.

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“The increased level of flexibility, the saving of work hours and of wasted paper are all ‘wins’ for the University, not to mention the minimal cost of configuring the system for our recruitment purposes”

– Sheila Jarvis (HR)

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