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Jess Dubai

We are very proud of our work with JESS Dubai, as this was our first project in the Middle East. JESS is one of the top schools in the world and has 2 primaries and one secondary, located on split-sites. Hable initially provided consultancy services to Mark Steed (Director) the school leadership team, assessing their current IT environment and planning a move to the cloud. The technical work to get them into Office 365 was then executed from the UK, in rapid time – moving them to Exchange and SharePoint online within just three months. Next we helped them deploy a new “VLE” replacement, using SharePoint and OneNote – and we also supported teachers with training on their new Surface Pro’s.

The collaboration has also extended to the creation of Review365, an app built by Hable for JESS in 2018. You can read how the app came to be here.


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“The Office 365 training from Hable was clear, concise and extremely comprehensive. It was spot on with what we needed as an organisation to get all our staff up and running on the new system. Thanks Hable.”

– Vanessa North (Head of ICT)

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