Viva Connections Adoption Service

Viva Connections

“A place where everyone can talk and listen”

Why Viva Connections?

Remote working is being adopted all
over the world and many offices are
shifting to a hybrid workplace. These
changes mean organisations need to
rethink the way they engage with
their dispersed workforce.

Microsoft Viva Connections can help
you create an environment in which
people can thrive, wherever they’re
working from.

Hable are an industry leading
Microsoft adoption and change
management partner, specialising
in enabling people to work in new
ways with technology.

"How do you give your people the best experience working for your company every day, no matter where they are?"

Did you know…

Investing in this service from Hable will take your employee engagement to the next level. Move into a more efficient, modernised environment that provides your people with the best possible experience.


Just 13% of people use their intranet daily


Organisations see employee retention rise by 87% when they deploy social intranets

When looking at employee experience,
it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

When your leadership team communicate, does everyone listen?

Are your frontline workers connected to the core company messages and resources?

How many people are accessing your intranet regularly?

Is there opportunity for your people to extend their connections and interactions outside of their direct network?

Do your people feel like your organisation encourages and provides an inclusive space for communities to grow and develop?

How much time do your people lose trying to find the relevant information they need for their role?

How will your organisation benefit from the Viva Connections Adoption Service?

Show how your organisation prioritises people and culture by providing a place for people to find like-minded colleagues and establish communities

Bring everyone together for important company moments, through videos and live events

Provide inclusive experiences making sure everyone is heard and wellbeing is prioritised

Launch an Employee Experience Hub that works for your people and your organisation, no matter where they work from

Deliver curated news, conversations and information from across your organisation into the hands of the employees that need it

Keep everyone informed through scheduled company news to the right people at the right time

Enable your people to find core company information from anywhere, on any device

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