Build solid foundations for your Microsoft 365 rollout with a Hable Governance workshop.

Microsoft 365 Governance Workshop

Managing Successful Change

All #TeamHable consultants are Prosci® ADKAR accredited. We know what it takes to achieve successful Change Management and Adoption of Microsoft 365.

This service includes

Interactive 3-hour workshop with a group of 10-12 people

Guidance on developing Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance policies

Report documenting your Governance policy decisions

"Take control of your move to Microsoft 365"

Did you know…

In 2019 the average employee had access to 17 million files and 1.21 million folders


53% of organisations found over 1,000 sensitive files were accessible to every employee

We are committed to delivering:
A well-informed set of Governance decisions to support your adoption of Microsoft 365, and an increased understanding of the data administration tools available
Technical expertise from Hable that will empower you to balance the end user experience with confidence that your compliance, security and legal requirements are met
A report documenting your Governance decisions that can be communicated to business stakeholders and reviewed regularly as your technology platform evolves

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