Develop confidence & skills with Microsoft 365 through accessible & engaging resources

Learning Resources

Delivering Impactful Learning

Our specialist subject is inspiring your people to learn more about Microsoft 365. We don’t like the word “training”, we prefer the word “learning”.

This service includes

Curated learning resources across Microsoft 365
Bespoke design or Hable branded content
An inclusive approach that considers the abilities of everyone

"Enable learning for everyone"

Did you know…


74% of technology delivered training comes through networked, online methods


The Open University found that providing learning content consumes an average of 90% less energy

We are committed to delivering:
A personalised Resources Plan that defines topics, type of resource, format, and branding requirements for your organisation
Informative, agency-grade reference guides, info-guides or videos accessible for everyone, aligned to the technology and tools your people use everyday
Increased confidence in using Microsoft 365 applications through self-empowered learning and development

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