Digital services can bring huge benefits to healthcare organisations, however we understand that the challenge in this sector is often more about culture than technology. Organisations that have embraced the cloud have experienced more efficient processes, freeing up front line staff and clinicians to focus on what really matters – the health and wellbeing of their patients.

Microsoft 365 enables multidisciplinary teams to come together from different organisations, combining their strengths and sharing knowledge, data and information that will help them to serve their patients and ultimately, save more lives.

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Gupinder Syan

Gupinder is Hable’s Healthcare Sector Lead. As a trained pharmacist and prescriber, Gupinder has extensive experience in both of primary and secondary settings in the NHS, as well as for private provider organisations and working alongside the pharmaceutical industry. Over the last 4-5 years she has worked in a national senior pharmacist training role implementing change management methodologies into general practice to improve patient care across the UK.

Gupinder brings with her change management, sales, leadership and project management skills into this role, and is passionate about supporting Healthcare organisations to help improve patient care across the UK.

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Customer Stories

Hable have worked with leading healthcare organisations in the UK, including NHS Scotland, Sussex NHS Commissioners and University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust, helping them to utilise Microsoft technology and maximise their capabilities in the face of the pandemic. Read their customer stories here and explore the possibilities of Microsoft365 in healthcare:


What's been good for me is the adaptability that Hable have shown. We originally said that we wanted 800 people to be trained, by the time we got people in and started looking at lists we found that actually we needed more. Hable were very flexible in adjusting the training to suit where we would hit issues or find quirks in the way that the NHS hybrid solution works."

– Matthew King, Sussex (NHS Commissioners)

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