Hable x Nulia Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft 365

Reinforce your Hable Change Management Programme with Nulia Works, a platform which measures learning using data-driven insights, personalised feedback and shareable rewards. Nulia will generate lessons, hints and tips based on your activity, seamlessly supporting you as you work.

#TeamHable are very excited to announce a new partnership with another team of ex-Microsoft folk. Their name is Nulia and their platform is Nulia Works. The Hable x Nulia collaboration was one that seemed absolutely natural and we are so excited to bring this platform to our customers in the UK!

After #TeamHable have delivered our Change Management programme, transitioning your team over to Microsoft 365, the Nulia platform reinforces learning while in the flow of work. Powered by machine learning and AI, Nulia is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. It is a fun and engaging way of working, with unlockable achievements and measurable outcomes, such as industry-recognised badges and recommendations which can be displayed on Linkedin.

At Hable, we want to inspire people to learn new things everyday. We are changing the way people feel about technology; one organisation at a time. By partnering with Nulia Works, Hable is bringing AI & Machine learning into to the world of Adoption and Change Management. We are weaving cutting edge technology into our ADKAR model, enabling our customers to drive successful change throughout their organisation and unlock the full potential of Microsoft technology.

Learn in the Flow of your Work

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365, the Nulia platform helps people to understand the skills they already have and then delivers personalised learning at the time they need it. No time is wasted in separate online learning environments.

Boosting Digital Skills

Your organisation can now create Digital Heroes who continuously attain and maintain new digital skills. The platform is engaging and fun and outcomes can be shared as digital badges on LinkedIn profiles.

Learning at Scale

Nulia delivers learning opportunities for everyone across all industries, departments and job functions. Remove the need to run extra training whenever new Microsoft 365 features are released, or when new people join your organisation.

How the Platform Works

Nulia runs in the background while you’re using Microsoft 365, monitoring activity while people are in the flow of their work. It provides real-time feedback, lessons and tips based on individual learning needs.

Measures for success

Powered by Data Intelligence

  • Tracks individual progress against skills and outcomes
  • Captures unique learning needs based on people’s behaviour
  • Provides progressive levels of mastery: User, Producer and Master

Personalised to the user

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

  • Provides personalised and organisational analysis of how Microsoft 365 is being used
  • View targeted recommendations based on profiles and personas
  • Provides people with tailored activities, skills and outcomes

Makes learning fun

Powered by Experience Engine

  • Motivates people to participate by unlocking achievements and measurable outcomes
  • Provides support and encouragement that makes learning fun and rewarding
  • Earns industry-recognised badges and certification for LinkedIn profiles

Getting Started…

Hable will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that Nulia supports your existing Adoption and Change Management programme. Learning outcomes can be mapped to the workshops we are delivering and data from the Nulia platform can be used to plan future Learning and Change Management activities.

To find out more about getting your organisation up and running on Office 365 with our Change Management programmes, book a demo today.


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