With opportunity and career progression being a key priority for us and our people, we’re excited to announce the promotion of three of our consultants into brand new managerial positions within Hable: Sital Champaneria, Ameet Lakhani, and Paul Dredge, who now become our Design Group Manager, Delivery Group Manager, and Head of Technical, respectively. 

These three new roles within Hable have been born as a result of a shift in the way we organise ourselves, to achieve stronger alignment and integration of our services going forward. Instead of thinking of our services under three areas, they will now all be designed and managed in one division, whilst still maintaining our focus on supporting the two sides of change; People Change & Technical Change. 

Paul Dredge, our new Head of Technical, will be leading the Technical Change side of the business, while The People Change teams will be led by Sarah Mann, who has been a member of the Leadership Team at Hable since we first began. 

To celebrate that three of our Consultants have progressed into new manager positions, we sat down with Ameet, Sital, and Paul, and asked them to tell us about their journey from Consultants to Managers: 

Ameet Lakhani, Delivery Group Manager

Headshot of Ameet Lakhani, HableWhat role did you start in when you joined Hable? 

I started working as an Associate Learning Consultant, delivering Microsoft 365 training to Schools, Colleges and Universities because of my previous experience working in education. 

What role are you moving into and what will it entail? 

I’m moving into the role of Delivery Group Manager which is about ensuring the consistent delivery of outstanding workshops, live events, workplace coaching and other learning experiences across all sectors.  

It will also involve working with the Design Group Manager to drive quality in the implementation phase of our change programmes. 

What are you most looking forward to about starting this new managerial position? 

I’m excited that I can contribute and shape the way we deliver training, to ensure that we maintain the outstanding standards that we’ve become known for.  

I am looking forward to working with a great team of Learning Consultants and building on the positive relationships I already have with them. I am also excited to be able to work with people across Hable in a way that might not have been possible before.  

With Hable growing as a company it’s a great time to be in a role like this and to contribute to future success. 

How important is career progression for you? 

It isn’t the most important thing for me personally, although it is something I think about. I like to extend myself and use my skillset to fulfil my potential.  

I also think about developing myself and putting myself outside of my comfort zone, which I have had plenty of opportunities to do whilst working with Hable.  

The most important thing for me is to enjoy what I am doing and to feel like I’m making a positive and valued contribution. 

Sital Champaneria, Design Group Manager

A headshot of Sital from HableWhat role did you start in when you joined Hable? 

I started at Hable 3 and a half years ago as a Workplace Coach on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government project, then moved onto becoming a Learning Consultant creating and delivering mainly on-site workshops. From there, I became a Principal Consultant which has been my role ever since, up until now! 

Whilst I was Learning Consultant I also worked as a Content Creator in our Content team, so I’ve done a mixture of roles. It’s given me a great overview of how Hable work and how we ensure our services are of a high standard. 

What role are you moving into and what will it entail? 

I applied for and was successful in being appointed as the new Design Group Manager. I’ll be managing the Design Team and working closely with others within the Services Division, to ensure we’re delivering the best Change programmes in the industry and operating as one smooth machine!  

We need to make sure we’re providing customers with great value but also ensuing our people have opportunities to grow. Thankfully we have a really motivated division with great talent, so that will make my job a little easier!

What are you most looking forward to about starting this new managerial position? 

Working with people in my team to grow, learn and make a difference. Equally I’m looking forward to doing the same. I’m surrounded by some really talented people and working with them in this new role is going to allow me to grow; which I’m really excited to explore. 

How important is career progression for you? 

Very. My parents didn’t have the same opportunities as me growing up, they had to sacrifice a lot to ensure me and my siblings had a good start in life, and I owe it to them to do well.  

I also have to be part of the change I want to see. I care about Diversity & Inclusion so I should do my bit to progress and help others to do the same.  

I feel like I have a lot to offer, so that’s what I’m trying to do. 

Paul Dredge, Head of Technical

What role did you start in when you joined Hable? 

Before joining Hable I had a background working in education, so when I came on board as a Senior Consultant, it was with a focus on continuing my work in education.  

This is where my journey began, and quite quickly I found myself working across the other different sectors that Hable serves; it gave the greater knowledge I needed in terms of how people work with technology.  

What role are you moving into and what will it entail? 

I have recently been appointed as the Head of Technical, alongside becoming part of Hable’s leadership team.  

In this new role I will be working across our Services department with Nicki Harman, our Services Director and Sarah Mann, Head of Learning and Inclusion. I will also be leading our technical change area of the business with the help of our talented technical consultants.  

My job will involve many different aspects, from working with the services department, to leading the technical team, and helping shape the future of Hable as part of the leadership team. 

What are you most looking forward to about starting this new managerial position? 

I am looking forward to joining up the people change and technical change in a more unified way, to make sure we reach our goal of being the best in the world for adoption and change management!  

Being able to help guide and assist our team of technical consultants is something that really gives me drive in my working day. I am also really excited about being part of the leadership team and having a wider impact on helping people within Hable. 

How important is career progression for you? 

Career progression is key to me. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and skills while moving forward in my career. Since joining Hable, I have pushed myself with the guidance of those around me to progress my career and get to where I am today.  

This is why I love working for Hable; they are invested in their people and help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential. 

Career Progression at Hable

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