Bristol University is undertaking an ambitious project on New Ways of Working, read how Hable helped them to understand how the Surface Hub could enable their make members make the most of their New Spaces, New Tools & Smarter Working”

This is our second piece on University of Bristol. You can read the first one here.

Looking at the future

Bristol University is undergoing some extensive transformations. Recently, a the new Temple Quarter Enterprise has been approved. Construction works are scheduled to get underway in early 2019 allowing the campus to open in time for the start of the 2021/22 academic year. But thinking about the best way to collaborate and communicate across different locations is already underway.

The review

It all started with a review of the University’s current plans for “New Ways of Working”, commissioned by Pete Walker (Head of Support, IT Services) to us. They are thinking about three big topics: “New Spaces, New Tools & Smarter Working”. We conducted several interviews and meetings with key stakeholders and found out how different parts of the university (IT, HR, Estates and the Change Management team) perceived this new change that was taking place. Because staff are so reliant on technology to do their jobs, a lot of thought and careful planning needs to go into the changes which are going to be implemented for staff who move offices. To keep it simple, we have broken the changes into 2 sections: Systems & Equipment:

  1. By “Systems” we mean software, cloud services and applications which people need to do their jobs.
  2. By “Equipment” we mean hardware, devices and peripherals which the University are providing for these staff.

New equipment – Surface Hub

Each member of staff, in addition to a new laptop, will be given a range of peripherals and will have access to desks with 2 monitors and a docking station. In our first blog we covered how we helped people made comfortable with to use the new mix of Systems and Equipment.

Today we want to tell you about how the University is using Surface Hub:

Surface Hub is an all in one multi-touch screen solution that empowers people, groups and organisations to connect and collaborate effortlessly. Running on Windows 10, users can very easily login and start collaborating. Alternatively, by clicking “connect” on the action centre, users can immediately connect to the built-in Skype for Business app and start a video conference with one touch. Forget about hustles experience with VGA, HDMI, dial-in numbers and others, this is true instant collaboration!

As Peter Walker says:

Surface Hubs have been an integral part of “new ways of working” at the University of Bristol. Over 1,000 Professional Services staff have moved to new offices with shared desks and a range of new technology aimed at increasing flexibility. Hubs are increasingly proving indispensable. People can join meetings from anywhere via Skype and the Hubs’ ‘infinite’ Whiteboard provide new ways to merge documents, web content and on-the-fly annotations and notes. This is helping make meetings more engaging and inclusive and often quicker to conduct and share outcomes

Watch the video below:

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