#TeamHable Customer Stories: Schools (Video)

Education and the schools sector has always been held in high regard at #TeamHable. Anyone who has worked with us will know how much we value education and learning, and the schools sector was the first industry that Hable worked with back when Mark Reynolds started the company solo. As well as having roots in education as a business, many of our trainers have also been teachers at some point in their careers, something which we know brings a lot to the table, especially with our customers in Schools and Higher Education.

It was an absolute pleasure to bring together several of our schools sector customers at our ‘Cloud Club’ seminar a few months back, over at the Microsoft Offices in Paddington. Our fabulous customers had the opportunity to learn more about the latest updates to Microsoft 365 and share their journey to the cloud with each other. They also agreed to share their own experiences of working with Hable in front of a camera, which we are delighted to share with you now!

“After that first training session, the reason why we got more involved with Hable was because we recognised that we had a company that understands education as well as technology. In the school, we knew what we wanted to do, we didn’t know how to do it. What we didn’t need was somebody coming in saying do it this way, it will work. We needed somebody who would say, this is what you could do, see how it works for you. We’re definitely heading for a package that will suit Bradford Grammar School.” 

Paul Merckx, Assistant Head (Development), Bradford Grammar School.

With special thanks to Paul Merckx (Bradford Grammar School), Ian Phillips (Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School), Alex Davison (The Royal Hospital School), David Flower (Dulwich College), Natalie Harzic (Dulwich College) and Tim Davies (Kings College School, Wimbledon) for taking part in this video.

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