1:1 device projects can empower students to achieve more, but how can a small school implement it with limited resources – check out how Bill & Jenny deploy and manage Windows 10 S devices in their school.

In our previous blog, last we checked on Bill the school IT manager & Jenny the savvy teacher, she just came back from BETT and was all excited about Office 365 in the classroom. Thanks to the first MEC course, Deploying Office 365 for Education, we discovered that getting started with Office 365 in your school is not actually that hard!.

What about the kit?

Now that each student has access to their own Virtual Learning Environment on Office 365, it’s time to empower these young minds with smart devices to allow them to achieve more.

Windows 10 S is a lower cost version of Windows 10 and it is built for Education. Running Office 365 and all the apps from the Windows App Store, it is easier than ever to manage and deploy it on Intune. It may sound all a bit technical and complicated, but check out the second video series we’ve made for Microsoft Educators Community to deploy Cloud Ready Classroom PC’s. Click on the image below to enjoy Jenny and Bill’s next chapter on their journey to the cloud:


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