#TeamHable Customer Stories: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


Hable’s work with University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust began soon after the onset of COVID-19 in the UK. Helen Harrison and Joanna McKibben from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust joined us to talk more about the organisation’s transition to Microsoft Teams.


Many employees at the University Hospital Southampton had to transition to remote working when lockdown measures were put in place. Microsoft offered professional training as part of the rollout of Microsoft Teams throughout the Trust, and offered a selection of partners who could deliver this training.

“It was clear from the information that Hable provided that they would be able to deliver exactly what we wanted.”

– Helen Harrison, Project Manager @ University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust

“We were delighted with the number of people that attended the sessions, and the variety of disciplines; from consultants, nursing, specialist care teams, and corporate areas.

The attitude of the staff who attended was fantastic and they were open to sharing their own best practices, to learn from one another and ask when they needed help designing new services.”

– Victoria O’Higgins, Consultant @ Hable

In every sector and organisation, there are unique challenges to overcome. Within healthcare, there is such a wide variety of roles to support and until now, there hasn’t been a particularly big need for so many employees to use technology in their day-to-day lives, as so many roles are purely hands-on. So following the events of this year, there has been a great deal of transformation across healthcare.

The importance of professional training

“It’s clear that investing time and money in training really reaps so many rewards. We have gone back to Hable now and asked them for more training on aspects of Microsoft 365. These are programmes that people will be using every day, so we want them to feel empowered by it.” – Helen Harrison

Having a Microsoft partner deliver the training may have had an influence on the good attendance to sessions. The feedback from people who took part has been good too.” – Joanna McKibben

The power of a good comms campaign

#TeamHable know that part of any good change management project is a good comms campaign. When change is coming, if it is clearly communicated in a visually pleasing way, it makes all the difference to people’s understanding of the change that is to come. We were delighted to hear that University Hospital Southampton agreed with us on this point.

“Hable gave us the collateral to make sure we were communicating to people what was happening. Following the comms poster which announced the deployment, there was really good engagement with what was happening. If we had questions about the coming change, we could just ping them back the poster which answered most of their questions.” – Joanna

“The poster Hable provided made the communications around the change simple, we could roll it out across several platforms. It really increased the engagement” – Helen

Impact on clinicians

Physiotherapists, for example, have noted benefits of remote working with their patients, who can still be seen without travelling into the hospital. Not only does it save time and money, it is often more comfortable for the patient. This also enables the physiotherapist to see the dynamic of their patient’s homes, meaning the treatment plan they deliver can be tailored around their patient’s home environment, bringing more benefits to the patient.

Remote multidisciplinary team meetings have also been adopted throughout the trust. There have been a number of positive outcomes from this, with them reaching more people than before and allowing for greater collaboration. Learn more about them in this video!

Results so far…

“I think we should be really proud of how far we’ve come in six months. To have the amount of users we do on Microsoft Teams and to see how well it is being utilised is brilliant, which is a good deal thanks to the success of the training. Now we are looking more at the security, configuration and governance around it because we weren’t able to do that when we first deployed it.” – Helen

“It has been a successful start and that’s in part thanks to the training received from Hable and the support from them in the run up to it. During that first week, it was all hands on deck between us.  Reaching 3,000 staff members for training sessions over that week was really great.” – Joanna

Looking Ahead… 

Recognising that people can work effectively and efficiently from home gives those employees who have to work on site the social distancing space needed to work safely within the trust. 

“We’ve done at least two years worth of digital transformation over this period. Strategy has shifted and is more aspirational, as we’ve seen what can be achieved if people embrace the technology. There are some big changes ahead.” – Helen

It has been such a pleasure working with the team at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust & helping them to continue treating patients and keep employees safe during these challenging times with the help of Microsoft Technology. We’re looking forward to developing this relationship further and helping them get to the next stage of their digital strategy.

Many thanks to Helen and Jo for taking the time to discuss this project!

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